Hacking tool run by 2 Israeli teens


hacking tool

Two teens have been arrested for running a hacking tool

Two 18 year-olds Israeli teens are suspected of running a hacking tool called vDOS. They have been arrested.

The vDOS lets people attack other websites and services in the Distribution Denial of Service(DDoS).

What does DDoS mean and how does it affect your computer?

Distribution Denial of Service is the full name of DDoS. This Distribution Denial of Service is a form of hacking that can make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with malicious traffic from many sources. They can target any online service, from banking to news sites.

Even people without technical skills can engage in DDoS attacks. This kind of attack overwhelms a site and makes it collapse under the malicious traffic weight.

The hacking tool can be used from politically motivated attacks to taking down gaming platform. It can also be used as a threat in blackmailing. With this hacking tool the 2 teenagers made more than  $600,000.

The teens were arrested after the FBI alerted the Israel Police of the two’s activity. Itay Huri  and Yarden Bidani are the 2 supposed hackers that have been released on bail.

Brian Krebs is the U.S cybercrime investigator and a former Washington Post staffer that has reported on his blog about a cybercrime made by Huri and Bidani.” Records leaked from vDOS indicate that since July 2014, tens of thousands of paying customers spent a total of more than $618,000 at the service using Bitcoin and PayPal,” Krebs reported

The 2 are now banned from using any communication method, especially the internet for 30 days and they also need to be available for questioning. The teenagers can’t leave the country until the police gives them permission to do so.

They made their business by selling monthly subscriptions with the price starting from $20 up to $200.

It is not clear what is going to happen with their business because it went offline on Friday.

It is important to find if the 2 were totally responsible for the attacks and if nobody else is involved with them.

The cybercrimes should be punished as bad as the attacks in general, in order to keep the internet a safe place, a great communication tool, not a battle field.

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