Some AirPods Have Battery Drain Issues With Charging Case

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Some of these users mentioned that when they changed the charging case the problem disappeared.

AirPods have been on the market for just a few weeks and many users already realized that their headphones are having battery drain issues. The changing case is the one that is causing the problems because it doesn’t hold the AirPods charged for 24 hours like it should.

The charging case is supposed to lose a noticeable amount of charge only when the AirPods have low battery and when they are recharging. This is not the case for some unlucky users who noticed that the charging case is losing a great amount of charge in a few hours.

Some users observed that they changing case is at 40% in a few hours when the AirPods are at 100% and Bluetooth activated. Some of these users mentioned that when they changed the charging case the problem disappeared.

The AirPods are not the ones with the problem, just the charging cases which should normally last a lot longer. Many people believe that this is the way that the headphones should work with their charging cases but they found out that it was indeed a battery drain issue. In most of the cases, the users saw that the headphones themselves don’t have any problems.

When these headphones first appeared on the market everybody mentioned that for an Apple product they have great battery life. The problems were noticed just a few days ago. Many experts mentioned that the charging case must’ve been the one responsible for the delay of the products from October to December.

Other people believe that the problem is caused by an initial charge hiccup which is affecting both the case and the AirPods. Apple didn’t make an official statement yet but if this problem continues they need to make an official announcement. Apple needs to solve the problem or replace the charging cases that have problems.

Let’s hope that nobody else experiences these problems with their charging case and that Apple is going to replace the cases with problems or repair them if it is possible. Apple has great success with these products and it would be a shame to lose its customer for such a small problem that can be easily solved.

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