Apple AirPods May Experience Technical Difficulties

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As of this point, it is uncertain when the AirPods will be available for purchase.

One of the reasons Apple is delaying the wireless earbuds launch is that the manufacturers have troubles with the Bluetooth connection between the handset and the AirPods, according to a source familiar with the development.

In September, together with launching the jack-less iPhone 7, Apple was supposed to also release the AirPods. The wireless earbuds are similar to other devices such as the Samsung Gear IconX, or the Bragi Dash.

Initially, Apple has announced that it will be launching the AirPods sometime in October with a starting price of $159. However, the users are still unable to purchase them even in December. According to an official statement, Apple said it needed more time to work on the AirPods, before they could be released to the public. Nevertheless, the California-based company never explained in detail what exactly was causing the delay.

Valid Theories

According to a Wall Street Journal report, the issue could be mainly technical. A person who is familiar with the AirPods development says that the company struggles with the Bluetooth connection. Hence, in order to make sure everything is working properly, Apple takes the time to fix the issue and ensure that users do not experience any sudden connection dropouts.

However, these are only speculations. Nevertheless, the current protocol the Bluetooth technology uses for wireless audio streaming does not allow two separate devices to be used simultaneously. Hence, the wireless earphone manufacturers have used an array of various solutions in order to keep the earbuds in sync.

Even so, Apple claims that the AirPods can receive individual Bluetooth signal for both the untethered earbuds, according to the same The Wall Street Journal report.

Apple’s Response

In November, a Barclays analyst said that Apple is going to start the AirPods production sometime in December 2016. However, Apple has not provided any updates on the matter. Currently, the company lists the Airpods as “coming soon” on Apple’s official website.

If Apple’s statement about the earpieces being able to function on independent Bluetooth signals, this may be possible thanks to the W1 chip, a low-energy component that is also found in Beats headphones. As of yet, there is no telling when the wireless earphones will be available for purchase.

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