Users’ First Impressions on the Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods

The first batch of Apple AirPods have finally rolled out!

The long-awaited Apple AirPods have finally flooded the market. In order to make sure they get a pair, multiple Apple enthusiasts have gathered in from of the stores early in the morning, waiting for the shops to open.

In London, people endured the cold in queues of dozens of individuals to get their hands on the latest innovation in audio hardware. An official Apple store located in the Regent Street has reported having only 150 units, while other had only 10 or so pairs of wireless earphones. As soon as they got their hands on the new Apple AirPods, users went online to share their experience with others all over the world waiting for their order to arrive.

According to a Reddit user, a store located in London’s Eldon Square sold 20 out of a total of 25 pairs of AirPods in less than ten minutes at 9 a.m. on Monday, December 19th. Users who now possess a pair of wireless earphones have placed their orders last week when Apple quietly announced their availability and received the AirPods on Monday by courier.

Initial Concerns

Initially, rumors suggested that Apple was struggling with the Bluetooth connection and the company was thinking to delay the mass production even further. However, the first impressions on the Apple AirPods have been overwhelmingly positive, so far. The main aspects that some people believed to put the wireless earbuds at risk behave astonishingly well, according to several users on Reddit.

Apple AirPods Strong Suits

Multiple users have praised the light weight of the AirPods, as well as the ease of pairing that comes with them. In order to successfully pair the wireless earbuds with the device, all a user has to do is simply turn the AirPods on and keep the handset close by. A dialog box will automatically appear on the device’s screen which asks for the user’s permission to pair the earphones with the handset or tablet. The users are then free to enjoy their favorite music blasting through the Apple’s latest innovation.

As far as the range goes, some users said that even if the phone was inside the house, the music was still playing while they were in the driveway. Also, inside walls do not appear to cause any problems, as users reported moving freely from one room to another without losing the connection to the handset. One downside would be that Apple only included a USB-A charging cable for the AirPods, which is not compatible with newer MacBook Pros.

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