Apple Announced A New Educational Program, ‘Today at Apple’

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Apple presented its latest initiative, a new educational program named “Today at Apple”.

Earlier this week, Apple presented its latest initiative. Named “Today at Apple”, this will be a new educational program which will target various areas. Through it, the company will try to offer access to more in-depth courses on anything from programming to art.

The “Today at Apple” Educational Program Will Take Off In May

Apple issued a press release on the “Today at Apple” on April 25th. In it, the apple company offered some details on the initiative, for example, the fact that it will begin in May. The program will be taking place in-store, in all the 495 worldwide Mac shops.

The educational program will also be free. However, anyone interested will have to book a place in advance.

According to Apple, the goal of its latest initiative is to help broaden the public’s access to education. Angela Ahrendts, the Apple senior vice president, referred the company stores as a sort of “modern-day town squares”.

With “Today at Apple’: “We’re creating a modern-day town square, where everyone is welcome in a space where the best of Apple comes together to connect with one another, discover a new passion, or take their skill to the next level.”

Apple already hosted a series of other educational sessions. But these were aimed at simply learning to use the company devices and apps. Now, with the “Today at Apple”, the company is looking to expand its courses with more than 60 programs. These will deal with more diverse and advances topics.

Apple’s stores will be looking to attract youth and creatives, as it will specifically focus on some topics. For example, it will offer advanced sessions in photography, design, music, or art.

In-store programs will offer both entry-level courses and extended “How To” sessions. The program will also take trips outside the shop with features such as the “Sketch Walks” or the “Photo Walks”. Previously pilot courses in just two locations, these will now be generally available.

Most of the sessions will be held by Apple staff called “Creative Pros”. However, some will reportedly be hosted by local artists. An expanded lineup of the courses, as well as further details, will probably come in late May with the introduction of the educational program.

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