Emporio Armani Aims to Surpass Smartwatches

Emporio Armani watch.

Emporio Armani wants to make the best wearables.

Although Armani is a widely popular brand thanks to its impressive clothing line and excellent perfumes, the company aims to become a hit on the smartwatch market with its new line called ‘Emporio Armani Connected.’

Needless to say that this initiative is not such a surprise as other fashion brands have already made their entrance on the wearables industry. For instance, Michael Kors released in September a new Android Wear smartwatch, whereas Hermès and Apple developed a new collection entitled Apple Watch Hermès.

Therefore, Armani decided to jump on the bandwagon and join the other brands in a different market. Even if the company’s smartwatches do not come with the latest technological features found in other products from top brands, they still have more than the essential options to meet the requirements of every customer.

Armani Smartwatches – Product Specifications

Regardless of the model, every Armani wristwatch will feature Bluetooth technology needed for integration, syncing, and pairing, while you can also connect the device to your smartphone.

Thanks to this wireless connection, users will be able to control music and they can use these watches as remotes for the main shooter of the smartphone. The new Emporio line is backed by alarm features, sleep pattern monitor, and a location finder in case users cannot find their smartphones or if they lose them.

By using the location finder, the smartwatch will guide users to the smartphone while it will also vibrate when you have notifications. In addition, the company officials underline that these watches will provide a 100 percent accurate time-telling and they will automatically update time zones in case you travel by plane.

Rumour has it that the Armani won’t retain the lithium-ion batteries meaning that it will switch to quartz batteries to provide a longer period of use. Customers may rest assured as the batteries last around half a year until the juice runs out, and they are easy to replace.

The new line is expected to hit the market next year, as it will come in many variants with a price tag starting from $250 and reaching up to $400 depending on the features. Plus, the Emporio Armani Connected will provide a wide variety of colors such as traditional steel finish, rose gold, gunmetal, and black.

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  • Lauren Fischer

    Their hybrid smart watch ( opening price point $245- $295) was released 10/25/16, not next year. The image above is not an image of the smartwatch on the market currently.