Asthma is Manageable in a Clean House

Boy with ashtma.

Parents with children suffering from asthma should do their best to reduce house pollutants.

Based on the latest report from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), asthma is manageable by reducing indoor pollutants and allergens.

Parents can help children suffering from this condition by getting rid of any source of mold and dust mites.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Matsu, co-author of the study and a professor of environmental health sciences, epidemiology, and pediatrics, apart from mold and dust mites, chemicals, airborne fragrances, cockroaches, smoke, and furry pets are the leading indoor causes of asthma.

Asthma Statistics

Based on the estimates, one in ten American children has asthma, which is an incurable lung condition. People suffering from this condition experience severe breathing difficulties. This shortness of breath is caused by the narrowed, inflamed airways.

Other symptoms include coughing and wheezing. Physicians stress that the first and most important step to keep your child’s asthma in check is to find out the exact cause that stimulates this condition.

Although symptoms can be triggered by the infection itself, this survey is focused on environmental causes. According to pediatricians, allergy skin tests or blood tests are an excellent way to understand how asthma manifests in kids.

Using these tests, doctors can recommend parents excellent methods to improve their children’s life quality. Allergies caused by dust mites occur in six out of ten children with asthma. To reduce the risks, parents should remove stuffed toys and carpeting, as they are the primary source of dust mites.

Also, some children are allergic cats, because they produce a very sticky airborne allergen meaning that although you isolate your pet, the child won’t experience any improvement. Experts underline that smoking is probably the most harmful indoor pollutant.

Matsui adds that if parents cannot quit smoking at least, they should refrain from doing this inside the house for the sake of their children. Many adults make false assumptions that smoking is not such a life-threatening habit, but Matsui stresses that children with asthma may suffer severe long-term consequences due to tobacco exposure.

Needless to say that marijuana and e-cigarettes cannot be considered viable alternatives to smoking because they also emit harmful airborne particles which are known as a major factor in triggering this condition.

Any kid who takes daily asthma treatment or experiences symptoms a few times every week is most likely living in an environment full of bad triggers.

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