Three Armed Individuals Arrested After Trying to Rob the Rolex Store from Bellagio Casino

Bellagio tower

Three heavily-armed individual including one wearing a pig mask tried to rob the Rolex store from the Bellagio Casino on Saturday.

You know the saying ‘What happens in Vegas, staying in Vegas.’ Well, the recent Vegas happening is so out of this world, that it would have been a pity not to be shared with the rest of the world. According to the Las Vegas Police Department, a squad of police officers dressed in full tactical gear was dispatched on Saturday at the Bellagio Casino, after a called declared that he heard a couple of gunshots and saw a man wearing a pig mask and dragging around a sledgehammer.

Bellagio Incident – Police Report

According to the Las Vegas Police Department, on Saturday morning, an individual dialed 911 and told the operator that he heard a couple of gunshots. The authorities moved in and arrested three heavily armed suspects who broke into the Rolex store. LVMPD declared that the suspects were taken down without the use of firearms.

However, there’s more to this story than the official police report. Kira, a 21-year-old woman from California, and Chris, a 50-year-old professional poker player from the city of Las Vegas, were inside the Bellagio Casino when the robbery occurred.

What Really Happened?

According to Kira’s recollection of the events, as she was leaving one of the casino’s bathroom, she saw a robust man, dressed in black apparel, standing outside the luxury watches shop. The man was holding a sledgehammer in his left hand and a pistol in his right hand. Kira recalls hearing the individual shouting “Get Out! Get Out” and pointing his gun towards the people trying to get away.

Before fleeing, the 21-year-old woman managed to take a picture of the assailants who was, indeed, wearing an oversized pig mask and carrying a sledgehammer.

Meanwhile, in another part of the casino, Chris was just about to play another round of poker when he heard a couple of shots. The last thing he remembered was seeing people trying to escape from the casino.

According to the authorities, it would appear that the robbers’ show of force created mass hysteria and some of the casino’s clients were trampled during their escape. Fortunately, no one was injured during the robbery.

After a couple of minutes, the law enforcement officers arrived and took the individual into custody. It appears that at least three heavily-armed individuals were involved in the robbery of the Rolex shops and all of them wore masks to conceal their faces.

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Costco Brings Fresh Groceries to Your Door

costco store

Costco is partnering up with Shipt to bring fresh groceries from door to door in some U.S. states.

Costco Wholesale Corporation managed to become back in 2015 the world’s second largest retailer. The membership-only warehouse club was encompassed only by Walmart. However, the main competition is between Costco, Sam’s West, and BJ’s Wholesale Club. They are all targeting businesses and large families that are interested in buying quality products in bulk at low prices. To consolidate its position, Costco is ready to deliver fresh groceries from door to door.

The New Delivery of Fresh Groceries Will Start off in Tampa

On Tuesday, Costco announced a new partnership with an ambitious, young startup called Shipt. The two of them are going to work side by side to manage orders from customers. This marks another major effort for brick-and-mortar stores to compete with online services.

The new option for clients will be available in Tampa for starters. If everything goes according to plan, Shipt will be ready to conquer other 50 countries. By the end of the year, the startup projects to cover more than 30 million businesses and households.

Retailers are struggling to remain relevant in an industry with thin margins. Home delivery of fresh groceries represents an expensive way to win customers over. This strategy simulates the activity of an online store that saves the users from making any trips to the local market and from waiting in line.

The Delivery Services Experience a Productive Period

Thus, the delivery sector experienced a boom recently as more traditional companies desire to offer premium services to their customers. Such prosperous solutions are Instacart, Google Express, Amazon Fresh, and FreshDirect.

Moreover, major organizations such as Walmart and Kroger teamed up with behemoths in the transportation domain. Thus, they are testing an innovative delivery approach with Lyft and Uber. In an effort to save customers time, Sam’s Club, one of the main rivals of Costco, launched a drive-by pickup system at its own locations.

The startup Shipt is not at its first major such quest. The delivery service has already signed contracts with Whole Foods Market, Harris Teeter, and H-E-B. At the beginning of the month, Shipt won another contract from the supermarket chain, Meijer. The retailer was content with its development. Thus, the company will rely on Shipt services to deliver fresh groceries in six Midwestern states.

Shipt employs a subscription business format actually. Customers have to pay an annual fee of $99. Once they purchase their membership, they can enjoy unlimited deliveries. They have one hour at their disposal to pick up their order when the package is dropped off.

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Justice Department Is Expected to Charge Yahoo Hackers

yahoo company

Yahoo is going to get the help of Justice Department to catch the culprits of the 2013 and 2014 data breaches.

U.S. officials are ready to pinpoint hackers that are responsible for the greatest security breaches ever reported in the history of the Internet. Even though the incident happened in late 2014, Yahoo reported it two years later on December 14, 2016. The report announced the existence of two hacking assaults. It is estimated that the cyber theft affected over 1 billion users. The aftermath impacted the Verizon deal and it created changes at the level of the leadership. The Justice Department is going to reveal the identity of at least the hackers that participated in one of the massive hacking attacks.

The Justice Department Has Its Eyes Set on Four Suspects

On Wednesday, the Justice Department is expected to issue indictments for a part of the people that initiated the hacking attacks on Yahoo. It is rumored that the U.S. officials are going to pinpoint four persons that created large damages when they compromised the security of around 1 billion accounts. The source of the news is an official that received the briefing regarding this case. However, as the matter is not public, the person requested to remain anonymous.

According to the source intercepted by publication Bloomberg, the U.S. is ready to arrest one of the culprits as soon as Tuesday. Moreover, they are also aware of the whereabouts of the other three persons. They are located somewhere in Russia. However, Yahoo, Sunnyvale, and the Justice Department did not comment on this news.

Verizon Lowered Its Price Offer

The new series of indictments are the result of the public disclosure held by Yahoo company. This revelation about major security breaches of historical proportions impelled Verizon Telecommunications Inc. to reconsider the price for its deal. The company intended to acquire major internet assets from Yahoo. These cover even websites like sports, finance, and others. Yahoo will remain with just the 15% owned stake in Alibaba Group, another series of 35% shares in Yahoo! Japan, and other secondary projects.

In light of the disclosure, Verizon asked for a price reduction of $250 million. Thus, the final offer might be of $4.38 billion. Given that the company was once worth $100 billion, the transaction is more than advantageous for the telecommunications company. On the other hand, Verizon is going to share liabilities as a result of the investigations into security breaches.

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A White Dwarf Star Is Living On The Edge Of A Black Hole

white dwarf star

A white dwarf star is orbiting in the extremely close vicinity of a black hole.

Scientists detected an unusual space relation. A white dwarf star is orbiting in the extremely close vicinity of a black hole. During its closest point, the star also loses parts of itself.

The White Dwarf Star Is Caught In A Space Tango With A Black Hole

This close in-stellar couple is also known as a “binary”. They were detected some 15,000 light years away from Earth. Both inhabit the 47 Tucanae globular cluster. The white dwarf star and the black hole were discovered using Chandra. NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory is nonetheless just a part of the study.

This was carried out by Michigan State University and University of Alberta, Canada researchers. They were led by Arash Bahramian, who is part of both. Research results were recently accepted for publication. They will be released in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. The paper is called “The ultracompact nature of the black hole candidate X-ray binary 47 Tuc X9”.

Initially, astronomers studied the 47 Tucanea X9 system as a whole. But back in 2015, closer observations revealed something odd about the white dwarf star. At the time, research suggested that it may be circling a small black hole.

The current paper attests this theory and not only that. It also describes it as the closest such relation as yet recorded. This white dwarf star is just some 600,000 miles away from the black hole. It would mean an extremely close encounter in space terms. One that also takes its dues each time the star gets to its closest point.

Bahramian stated that “This white dwarf is so close to the black hole that material is being pulled away from the star […]”. Following this event, observations show that it is “[…] dumped onto a disk of matter around the black hole before falling in”.

Such encounters are also reportedly very common. The star is believed to whip by its black hole almost every 28 minutes. At least according to the orbit – distance estimates. However, the system also seems to be stable, at least for now.

Scientists Are Unsure As To The White Dwarf’s Fate

The team in charge of the study pointed out some facts. Although the system is stable, at least for now, this relation cannot last. As the black hole pulls away material from the star, this will eventually run out. But this is just one possibility.

According to the researchers, the white dwarf star is facing two most likely fates. Its material may be completely sucked in, which will cause it to evaporate. Or the hole’s orbital pull could cause the star to break apart. As it is, the white dwarf may also evolve into “an exotic type of planet”.

The scientists are also unsure how this strange space tango came to be it. They are still debating whether the black hole may not actually be a neutron star. But the captured X-ray emission do not correspond to the latter. For the moment, the team cannot fully disprove this variant. As it is, more research would be needed.

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Volkswagen Emission Violation Will Take a Toll on Europe

While Volkwagen has just settled its emission violation lawsuit, the company might be liable for more damages in the future.

While Volkswagen has just settled its emission violation lawsuit, the company might be liable for more damages in the future.

For seven years starting with 2008, the German automaker Volkswagen released 11 million diesel cars throughout the entire world. What is known is that each one of these vehicles entered the consumer market after it cheated on standard emission tests. This event was the core of a major emission violation of the Clean Air Event. On January 11, 2017, the company settled the lawsuit for $4.3 billion in penalties. A new study discovered that this scandal didn’t only render a loss of popularity for Volkswagen, but it will also leave a heavy stamp on worldwide health.

On Friday, a new study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology appeared. The findings suggest that Volkswagen might be liable for 1,200 premature deaths in Europe alone. The scientists analyzed the impact of additional nitric oxides on the atmosphere that the unrecorded diesel emissions produced. The 2.6 million vehicles that were registered only in Germany are going to induce the premature death for 1,200 persons all over Europe. The real damages can be even bigger than this. The study wants to alert the carmaker on the results of its activity and urge it to address the problem and find it a solution.

The lead author of the study is Guillaume Chossière is a research assistant at MIT. His starting point of the paper originated from the fact that any diesel car produces certain levels of nitrogen oxides or NOx for short. These are the result of burning fuel, and they are responsible for the formation of acid rain, tropospheric zone, and smog. To his opinion, manufacturers are responsible for managing such chemical reactions and create proper devices that work well in controling emissions.

Scientists had to measure the excess levels of mono-nitrogen oxides by collecting data on the carmaker’s sales, driving behavior, and how much emissions these cars produced while on-road. The next step was for scientists to use technology and simulate how these gases can travel across Europe. By measuring how much extra NOx people are going to inhale, the result of the study suggests that the number of cases of respiratory and cardiopulmonary diseases will increase.

Moreover, the scientists investigated the outcomes of Volkswagen taking full responsibility for its emission violation and organizing a complete recall. If they upgrade the vehicles according to the European emissions limits by the end of this year, the results will be massive. First of all, this action will avert 2,600 additional premature deaths. Secondly, the health costs will be lowered by 4.1 million.

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Nesting Sea Turtles Guidelines Updated – The Dos and Don’ts of Interacting with Testudines

Sea Turtles

A Florida conservationist society just updated its guidelines regarding the upcoming sea turtles nesting season.

As the turtles’ nesting season draws closer, a Florida conservationist group updated its nesting sea turtles’ guidelines. With the new set of rules, the group intends of educating tourists and regular beachgoers about the proper way to interact with the gentle sea creatures. A spokesperson acting on behalf of the conservationist group declared that the update nesting rulebook was designed to give the turtles some breathing space and to minimize any damage associated with human tampering.

Sharing the Beach with Sea Turtles

According to a Florida wildlife representative, the turtles’ nesting seasons debuts at the beginning of March. During this time, the clumsy-looking marine creatures will leave the nurturing womb of the sea and will head towards the shore. There, among the fine grains of sand, they will begin laying eggs.

The wildlife specialists stated that this is an event paramount significant in the life of a turtle. That’s why it’s important to know what to do in order to give the turtles a fighting chance. The Florida conservationist society declared that all guidelines are based on common sense and quite easy to follow.

So, what’s a rule of thumb when it comes to interacting with turtles? Mind your business and leave them be during this season. Another important aspect to keep in mind when heading to the beach is remembering to clean up afterward. Since turtles are curious creatures, they will literally eat anything they find near their nesting grounds, plastic bags included.

If you’re the owner of a boat rental, it would be best to put your equipment in storage at the end of the day, so you don’t obstruct the turtles’ path towards their nests. Beach owners are also advised to pack up any chairs and canopies.

Other Tips

As for tourists and regular beachgoers, the Florida conservationist society said that it would be for the best to refrain from digging up any holes in the sands. Furthermore, tourists have also been asked to cover up any hole dug during the day as not to leave any nests exposed.

And last, but not least, the tourists are expressively forbidden from digging up any mounds created by turtles. Apart from these simple rules, the Florida Wildlife Department stated that tourist should keep interaction to a minimum, and to report any disturbances to the nearest representative.

With this in mind, there will be no danger of impeding nature from taking its course.

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Olive Oil Is Great For The Health

olive oil

Olive oil maintains a healthy blood flow and it also cleans our arteries

A healthy diet means a healthy life. A lot of studies showed the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. This type of diet consists of fruits, vegetable, white meat, and olive oil. The most important of these components is the oil, of course.

All studies showed that this type of oil is great for our health but they did not say why. A new study made by Spanish researchers mentioned the benefits of olive oil and why it is so good for us. The lead author of the study is Dr. Alvaro Hernaez.

The benefits of olive oil

The author of the study mentioned that this oil is good for us because it improves the function of our heart. This is because the olive oil maintains a healthy blood flow and it also cleans our arteries. A Mediterranean diet can decrease the risk of heart diseases.

The author of the study, Dr. Hernaez mentioned that the antioxidants from olive oil might be the ones responsible for the benefits of this oil. This is because they help remove cholesterol from arteries. Despite the fact that it is believed that oil is not good for our bodies, olive oil is actually great.

In order to conduct this research, the scientists examined more than 290 adults. The average age of the participants was 66. Due to the fact that they had a higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, they were assigned 3 diets.

The first group had to maintain a Mediterranean diet with additional extra virgin olive oil. The second group had the same diet but instead of oil, they had 30 grams of nuts every day. The last group had a simple low-fat diet.

After the participants followed these diets for a year the researchers examined them again. The findings showed that those who had a low-fat diet had lower levels of LDL. Blood tests showed that those who consumed the additional olive oil had better HDL functioning.

The researchers also mentioned that a Mediterranean diet can help people decrease their risk of heart disease. They completed by saying that there are more reasons for which olive oil and a Mediterranean diet, in general, have this impact on our health.

What is your opinion about this study?

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This Inexpensive Thin Material May Replace Air-Conditioning

blue thin material

Earlier this week, scientists presented us with a new, inexpensive, thin material.

Earlier this week, scientists presented us with a new, inexpensive, thin material. Its purpose? To help cool down surfaces, even those that are under direct sunlight. As such, it may even come to replace air-conditioning in some systems.

The new, thin material was specifically developed to serve a very specific and necessary purpose. It can function as a sort of cooling unit. Some of its main advantages? It does not use water or energy. And it is also eco-friendly.

This new cooling solution was developed by University of Colorado, Boulder researchers. Ronggui Yang and Gang Tan are research co-authors. Research results were released last week. They were published in the Science journal.

Available online since February 09, the paper was titled as follows. “Scalable-manufactured randomized glass-polymer hybrid metamaterial for daytime radiative cooling”. In the paper, this new thin material was described and referred to as follows.

It is a randomized glass-polymer hybrid metamaterial, scalable-manufactured. It can be used in order to ensure daytime radiative cooling.

This new and inexpensive, thin material has quite some unusual properties. Ones that have yet to be observed in nature. Professor Ronggui went to offer some details. He is part of the CU-Boulder Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Ronggui pointed out one of the material’s key advantages. Thanks to its base technology, it can be used 24/7. And it also works without an energy and water source and help.

Gang Tan went to present the new material’s day-to-day possible usage. He is part of the University of Wyoming Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering. And according to him, their technology could be placed on top of homes.

Single-family residential houses could draw benefits from using this thin material. Some 10 to 20 square meters of the material could be placed on their rooftops. And serve as an air-conditioning system.

The thin material works as follows. It has to be placed on top of a structure’s surface. Its cooling effect works in two directions.

For one, this thin sheet helps reflect the incoming solar rays. As such, they will no longer heat up the contact surface. At the same time, the material also allows its base structure to eliminate heat. As such, the respective structure can also release its own infrared thermal radiation.

To put it more simply, the thin material works as follows. It cools down a structure as it enables heat elimination and also prevents the Sun from heating the designated surface area.

The new material is thin and reportedly quite easy to produce. This glass-polymer hybrid is reportedly just slightly thicker than a usual aluminum foil. And it could potentially be produced in rolls.

This eco-friendly technology could have a huge impact in the area. It may help provide a greener and maybe even cheaper cooling system. Some potential first usage areas have already been presented. They target a residential use. And also a thermoelectric power plants one.

The thin material could ensure the respective machines maintain a right operating temperature. And they do so without needing a huge electricity and water consumption.

Nonetheless, the research team is trying to determine potential new uses. Presently, they have filed for a patent. This could attest their new technology. At the same time, they are looking for new commercial uses for the thin material. One of the researchers presented their excitement on the matter. And also some potential new uses.

This thin material could come to be utilized in agriculture, the power industry, or the aerospace one.

For the moment, the CU-Boulder researchers have set out the following tasks. They will try to build a “cooling farm”. The 200 square meters prototype could be raised by the end of 2017.

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Milky Way Is Being Pushed And Pulled In Space

milky way

Our Milky Way is being pushed and pulled with help from the huge space void, the Dipolar Repeller

Our Milky Way is by no means a small galaxy. But that hasn’t stopped it from being pushed and pulledwith help from the huge space void situated in our extragalactic neighborhood.

Space still has many mysteries left to reveal. And its “void” spaces are raising some of the biggest questions. This has become especially true over these past few days. A team of researchers has come with a new theory. And this points out the effect this void could be having on the Milky Way.

Research was carried out by Hebrew University in Jerusalem researchers. The studies were led by Professor Yehuda Hoffman. A paper on the matter was released earlier this week. It was published in the Nature Astronomy journal. Available online since January 30, it was titled as follows. “The dipole repeller”.

The titular dipole repeller is the aforementioned void. Previous theories held that the Milky Way is being pushed. This force would have led it towards the universe’s denser regions. However, such theories may lack an element.

The Milky Way is not only getting pushed. It is also getting pulled.

The previously known high-density cluster of stars to do so is called the Shapley Concentration. This is the largest neighboring concentration of galaxies. Together, they form a gravitationally interacting unit. As such, this helps pull it together. If not, the galaxies would have dispersed throughout space.

The Shapley Concentration is situated some 150 million light years away. And it is not only keeping itself together. It is also attracting the Milky Way towards it. And any other neighboring galaxies as well.

However, this recent studies shows that the Milky Way is also being pushed towards it. As its name may suggest, the Dipole Repeller is pushing back on our system. This huge “dead zone” is situated some 500 million light years away.

The Milky Way and its local galaxy group are being repelled by the huge void. As such, the researchers theorize as follows. This low-density space void is also shifting the neighboring galaxies.

Its effects are now believed to combine with the Shapley Concentration. Taken together, the two could be influencing the movement of our Local Group of galaxies. The term “dipolar” also draws attention to this fact. It points out the push and pull relation.

Research on the matter was based on data gathered by powerful telescopes. The Hubble Telescope is one such example. Study scientists took such data and created 3D models of the Milky Way.

This space map helped them chart the flow of space matter. It registered its movements from low to high-density regions. These results confirmed the following facts.

The Milky Way is moving away from the dipole void region. And it is headed towards the Shapley SuperCluster.

And our galaxy is responding quite fast. It is presently speeding away from the previously unidentified low-density region. Its fast movement is also helped along by the known gravitational attraction.

The push and pull relation became quite apparent after this latest discovery. And according to the researchers, both phenomena are of comparable importance. They both play a part in the Milky Way’s location.

Now, scientists are hoping to better understand our local cluster’s movement. Especially so in the expanding universe. Future ultra-sensitive devices should help shed more light on the void. They could potentially detect any galaxy residing in the area. They could also help strengthen the link between the great void and the Dipole Repeller theory.

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New Study Reveals Most Primate Species Are on the Verge of Extinction

primate species

Researchers fear that most primate species will become extinct within the next 50 years because of industrialization, mining, and extensive hunting.

A team of 31 primatologists looked at every primate species discovered so far to see how well they are doing. As it turns out, most of them are now facing imminent extinction, say researchers.

New Findings

According to the study, published in the journal Science Advances, roughly three-quarters of primate species are losing its representatives. Moreover, almost 60 percent face imminent extinction, say the scientists. Primates, from gibbons to gorillas, are now is even worse shape compared to previous decades. Co-author of the survey and senior research scientist at Conservation International, Anthony B. Rylands believes a large number of primates will go extinct within the next 50 years.

Analyzing every single primate species on the planet proved to be a tougher job than anticipated. This is because scientists keep discovering new ones every year. 85 new primate species have been discovered since 2008. As of now, 505 species have been identified worldwide. At least seven species are to be announced this year alone, with the most recent one discovered only last week in China.


So far, deforestation is the main cause that threatens primate species with extinction. However, the researchers identified other risk factors that contribute to primates’ ranks growing ever thinner. Mining and hunting have also been linked with the threat of extinction, say researchers.

West Afrika market, for example, thrives on primate meat. Dr. Rylands says that even though forests have mostly gone untouched, hunters depleted them of primates for profit. Not only locally, but primate meat is also in high demand in China, many believing some body parts have strong healing powers.

As agriculture expands, Amazon forests are being transformed into soybean fields or cattle ranches. In Madagascar, for example, lemurs have been pushed out of their forests to make way for rice paddies.

Scientists say humans are already at fault for driving several primate species extinct. However, researchers cannot tell for sure how many fell victim. According to fossils discovered in Madagascar, the forests there were once homes to 350-pound giant lemurs. Unfortunately, these creatures, along with many others became extinct almost 2,000 years ago, right after humans first arrived there, before modern scientists can lay eyes on them.

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