How Birth Control Pills Cause Depression

birth control pills

Recent studies show how birth control pills can be directly linked to depression.

Mood swings and depression may not be news to women who are or have been on birth control pills. In fact, it’s surprising that there aren’t many studies that have linked those mental states to the hormonal effects of the pills.

A recent study took place in Denmark, where researchers analyzed health records of women aged 15 to 34. 55% of these women had used birth control pills at some point. When using pills that combine estrogen with progestin, the risk being diagnosed with depression was increased 1.23 times. Women who used pills that contain only progestin have 1.34 high risk of contracting the disorder and apply to antidepressant medication.

The numbers only increased when taking age into consideration, as adolescent girls are most likely to become depressed as a result of being on the pill.

Gynecologists Already Aware Of The Adverse Effects

Even though many gynecologists, especially females, say that this study tells them nothing new, they have been vocal about how the adverse effects of birth control pills aren’t taken seriously.

At the same time, it’s true that effects are only “potential’ and no two women react the same. This is why It is important to consult a gynecologist before going on the pill. It can take as long as three months for depressive side-effects to appear, but once and if they do, the doctor should suggest an alternative way of contraception.

Alternatives To Birth Control Pills

This isn’t always an easy task, as the comfort and protection offered by birth control pills are hard to match. Even condoms are less safe and can become a source of discomfort during longer relationships. The Danish study also presents the solution of the male vasectomy for married couples who no longer desire children. Female gynecologists were quick to add that men are often not asked, or simply refuse to share the responsibility of birth control.

Better and more frequent testing should be done before recommending the pill for some women. However, further evolution in the field of genetics needs to happen before doctors can predetermine how an individual would react to progestin.

The compound in question is a synthetic variant of the progesterone female hormone. Various artificial forms of the hormone have been used ever since the 1930s and scientists have managed to keep finding ways of improving them.

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