Brain Cancer Patient Leaves ICU To See His Son’s Birth

A man and his son on the beach

A brain cancer patient was able to see his son’s birth.

Cagney Wenk, a first-time dad who suffers from brain cancer, got the chance to see his son’s birth. Doctors allowed him to be in the room while being connected to medical devices and wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes. The only words he was able to say at that moment were “Oh my God!”.

His story began a few months ago when he experienced headaches for three days. When he went to the doctor, he discovered that he had stage 4 glioblastoma, a difficult form of brain cancer. He found out about this disease three weeks before he and his fiance were expecting their first child.

When his future wife went into labor, the doctors and nurses from the Boulder Community Hospital decided to bring happiness in their lives and prepared a surprise. They took the brain cancer patient from the ICU and allowed him to be there for his son’s birth.

Moreover, they thought it would be a good idea to take photos and videos of that special moment. They documented the birth with the help of Sara Boccolucci, photographer, and videographer. In the video, you can see all the emotions and tears the father had while holding his baby for the first time. He also talked about how expecting a child changed his life. According to him, he became more responsible and learned a lot of life lessons.

The photographer wanted not only to help the family with some wonderful memories but also to raise awareness for people who need help. She is hoping that more people will make a donation, if they are able, to the GiveForward fundraising campaign.

The child, named Levon Robbie Wenk, was born on September 18, 2016, at 2:12 a.m. He is healthy and weighs 8 pounds. We are sure he will be surrounded by a lot of love. His father went to many surgeries and now he is doing radiotherapy. We are sure that the love for his son will make him do his best while fighting this disease.

There are not many moments when people can say something wonderful happened to them while having brain cancer. However, Cagney Wenk was able to see the miracle of life and hold his son even though he was connected to medical devices.

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