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A breast cancer awareness program is promoted by Philips India.

To increase breast cancer awareness and to support Breast Cancer Week, the Husband Initiated Movement has been promoted by Philips India is its campaign to inform and educate husbands about this disease.

This way, they will be able to support their wives and encourage them to reduce the risks of developing this condition. Breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women across the United States, whereas men can also have this disease.

However, it is less common among men. This campaign started four years ago, as the officials aimed to raise awareness among women and inform them about the benefits of breast self-examination.

Breast Cancer Statistics

Around 1.4 million women have breast cancer, so prevention and early detection represent vital steps in reducing the risks and mortality rates as well. This campaign will be a success if men are motivated to encourage and convince their wives that self-examination can help them find out if they developed any lumps.

It is worth mentioning that the HIM campaign is supported by many care providers, survivors, opinion leaders, and oncologists. Also, Philips India aims to encourage women to go for preventive screenings and mammograms.

Although mammograms are recommended at every one or two years, breast self-examination should be done once a month, while any woman should do a preventive screening every year. Many survivors confess that thanks to these preventive methods, they received an early diagnose and managed to fight back the disease.

Experts say that it is a good thing that these initiatives have spread not just across the United States but also in countries like India. One such example is the Asha Jyoti project which has screened around 10,000 women since 2013.

That is why Philips intends to introduce community centers to provide medical assistance and to raise awareness among citizens. In addition, this campaign will focus on the role of healthy dietary habits and an improved lifestyle in preventing this disease.

Most women develop this disease between the age of 25 and 40 years old, but by avoiding life-threatening habits such as smoking or high alcohol intake, the risks can be significantly reduced.

Also, another breast cancer prevention method consists in daily or weekly physical exercises which help men and women achieve their fitness goals and maintain a healthy weight.

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