Uber Employees to Leave because of Broken Culture

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Broken culture at Uber has encouraged employees to seek other workplaces.

The Bay Area has recently become an active area for recruiters. They recorded a surge of job applications. Most of CVs are not from ambitious young students, but from workers with extensive expertise that come especially from the Uber Technologies Inc. In light of recent scandals that engulfed the ride-hail company from all fronts, people no longer want their professional work to be related to a leadership that disregards social and moral values. Moreover, the company is also on the brink of having its stock options drop in value because of a broken culture.

In a span of five weeks, Uber Technologies Inc. Uber had to face numerous crises. As a consequence, the main target customers of the company who are already hooked on online medium turned against the company. There is already a hashtag against Uber, namely #DeleteUber, that promotes the elimination of the application of the company from all smartphones. Instead, people encourage clients to use similar  ride-hail companies.

Even though Uber was once a unicorn type of company within the Silicon Valley, an increased number of employees are thinking of living this successful project. One recruiter who used to work for the downgraded company noticed several professionals who no longer want to work for Uber, even though their situation is a comfortable one. The reason behind this hastiness is a broken culture where employees have no more faith in management.

While the company was trying to mitigate a serious issue last week, the job applications started to flood the desks of recruiters. The scandal in question was about two former Uber employees who blamed the company of sexism and harassment. At the moment, Uber is valued at $70bn. This means that a simple manager has an RSU worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thus, employees who are applying for other jobs are willingly walking away from a fortune in stock options.

The president at SCGC Executive Search, Guillaume Champagne, stated that back days it was difficult to steal talents from Uber. One of the reasons why this was a demanding task was that nobody was planning to depart from their stock options too easily. However, as there are more people now that are willing to give this opportunity away, recruiters are of the opinion that the awful work environment played the main role in this type of decisions.

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