California Police Shoots and Kills Elderly Man Believed to Suffer from Dementia

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“As some point during the contact, an officer fired several rounds striking the individual,” says California police Sgt. Gary Carruesco.

On Monday night, December 12th, the California police officers shot and killed Francisco Serna, 73 years of age, around 12:30 a.m in Bakersfield. The man’s family say that Mr. Serna was suffering from dementia and was unarmed at the time the shooting occurred. As of now, there are not many details about the incident, as the California police officials have launched an investigation.

California Police Reports

According to Sgt. Gary Carruesco, the law enforcement agents responded to a call which described the man as brandishing a weapon in the 7900 block of Silver Birch Avenue. When the police officers arrived on the scene, they found 73-year-old Francisco Serena standing in the driveway. At this point, it is still unclear why the man was displaying the odd behavior.

 “As some point during the contact, an officer fired several rounds striking the individual,” says Sgt. Gary  Carruesco.

According to the Kern County coroner, the medical examiners declared the old man dead on the scene. Mr. Serena’s time of death occurred at 1:15 a.m. Moreover, after a detailed search of the surrounding area, that lasted until Monday afternoon, the law enforcement officers were not able to recover any weapons.

Francisco Serna Family’s Accounts

Rogelio Serna, the victim’s son reported that his father did not own a gun. In a statement for the Los Angeles Times, he describes the man as a retired 73-year-old grandfather, living his life. Ultimately, he expressed his disapproval of the way the California police handled the incident by saying that at such an age, Mr. Serna should have died peacefully, surrounded by family rather than bullets. Furthermore, Mr. Rogelio Serna said that his father was strongly against firearms and voted in the past in an effort to get them off the streets.

According to Rogelio, Francisco showed the early stages of dementia and experienced delusions. He said the elder Serna had trouble sleeping and would often take long walks late at night by himself, in an attempt to tire himself. Also, according to the son’s statement, police officers responded in the past on two separate occasions to a medical alarm triggered by the confused old man. However, California authorities did not confirm this.

Sgt. Carruresco says that the California police has launched an investigation into the matter. At the same time, the officer responsible for fatally shooting Mr. Francisco Serna is on administrative leave.

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