The CDPH Is Asking Residents To Help Reduce Mosquito Numbers

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The CDPH is asking state residents for help in reducing the mosquito populations.

The California Department of Public Health is asking state residents for help in reducing the mosquito populations. People can contribute by simply eliminating all standing water from around their homes or businesses. The CDPH issued an advisory on the matter this Monday.

CDPH is Trying to Fight Back Against A Potential Mosquito Increase

Dr. Karen Smith, a State Public Health Officer also released a statement on this subject. She pointed out that the rainy season will have a high influence on this year’s mosquito population numbers. Especially so when combined with the incoming temperature rise. This can lead to an increased mosquito activity.

“Removing water will help reduce overall mosquito numbers and protect family members and neighbors from mosquito bites and mosquito-borne diseases,” said Dr. Smith.

To try and prevent an increased mosquito activity, the CDPH issued an advisory asking for the public’s health. California state residents are urged to eliminate any standing water from around their houses and businesses. This will help as mosquitos can breed even in small quantities of water.

Residents should check for and eliminate water-filled containers. They should also clean, scrub, and maintain a clear water in bird baths and also pet watering dishes left outside. People should also dump the water left behind in the dishes of potted plants.

Also, residents should report if they note an unusually high number of mosquitos. They can do so by calling or going to their local vector control agency.

Dr. Smith urged for caution and prevention on the matter, as mosquitos can be the carriers of many diseases. Mosquito bites are the primary source of most Zika virus infections. But infected buzzers could also be carrying the West Nile virus, which can be transmitted to both humans and animals.

The CDPH website offers more information on mosquitoes, the diseases they carry, and the simple ways to try and prevent their population increase.

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