Child Health Care Spending Numbers Increased By More Than 50%

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The costs for child health care in 1996 were $150 billion and in 2013 they have increased to $233 billion.

A recent report showed that in the US the child health care spending numbers increased in the last few years by more than 50%. The money that is spent on health care is a common debate problem. Many people believe are interested to find how these funds are used.

This new report showed that a lot of money is going to child health care. The results of the report were published in the JAMA Pediatric this Monday. The report showed how these funds were spent in order to help children who were sick.

The most common diseases from which these children are suffering are heart diseases, back pain, and diabetes. This report was conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation. The researcher mentioned that the costs for child health have grown since 1996. They noticed that the numbers increased by more than 55%.

In order to make a comparison, the costs for child health care in 1996 were $150 billion and in 2013 they have increased to $233 billion. In 2013 most of the funds went to newborn hospital care and to ADHD treatment. Also, routine dental care took a big part of the funds.

The senior researcher of this report, Rachel Garfield mentioned that the costs are not that big compared to those of used for general health care. The results of the study also showed that this money was well spent because now more children benefit from health care compared to 1996.

The researchers mentioned that the health care has shown improvement and that not treatments have better outcomes on long and short-term. The author of the study, Joseph Dieleman mentioned that the rises are cost-effective and that the changes are seen.

The author also mentioned that it is important to analyze and see if the spending has been efficient and appropriate. This way it would be known if the care funds were allocated where they were needed.

The researchers also mentioned that the child health care is important because it helps children be healthy when they reach adulthood. This way general health care costs will decrease. Healthy children mean healthy adults.

In order to have a better health care system, more studies need to be made. Researchers said that there are some problems when it comes to accessing services, especially for dental and mental health care.

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