Your Children Need Good Candy

Candies and gummy bears

Parents should buy their children good candy.

Although many children love sweets, dentists think that not all of them are good for the teeth, especially Halloween candy. That is why they recommend parents to try a different approach when they buy these products. This way, children will enjoy their treats and parents will rest assured that their kids won’t suffer from any teeth infection.

Unhealthy Candy

Anything that is chewy will stick to children’s teeth. For instance, gummy bears are not only sticky, but they also contain caramel which becomes hard to deal with, even if you brush your teeth.

Also, you should avoid sour candies because they contain high levels of acid, which damages the tooth enamel. Doctors say that jawbreakers are bad as well because kids can chip their teeth while trying to chew these things. Last but not least, experts underline that parents shouldn’t think that buying their kids hard candies is better.

Even if your children eat just one candy instead of ten gummy bears, that candy will stay in their mouths much longer, coating them with a lot of sugar that will harm their teeth. Fruit juices and snack pretzels damage teeth as well.

Healthier Candy

According to the experts, there are some treats you can give to your children without worrying about possible consequences. For instance, sugar-free gum will stimulate saliva production and will break down food particles which remained between the teeth.

In other words, by chewing sugar-free gum, you might prevent tooth decay. It is a common fact that chocolate melts in just a few minutes, so plain chocolate might be your best bet to protect your kid’s dental health.

Also, sugar-free lollipops may also be a good choice because they stimulate saliva production, which prevents tooth decay and tackles bacteria.

No Candy Exaggeration

Doctors strongly recommend parents to make sure their children understand that eating candies is not a 24-hour activity. That is why moderation is their best bet because kids will know that they can eat sweets only once a day. Educating them like this will make the job easier for any parent.

Children should brush their teeth after eating any candy. Furthermore, parents should always communicate with their kids by telling them about the importance of oral health.

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