What Should Clinton Expect from First Debate with Trump?

Clinton's first debate with Trump

Clinton’s first debate with Trump will take place on Monday, the 26th of September.

This Monday, September 26th, Hillary Clinton will participate in the first debate with Trump. The presidential candidates will face each other in three public discussions that will take place until the November elections. Seeing as the GOP nominee has a history of creating quite a show during his public debates, we have compiled a list of topics and reactions that the Democratic candidate will probably encounter during the face-off.

Confident Arguments Filled with Vague Details

Real Clear Politics interviewed Michael Steel, Jeb Bush’s former adviser and the campaign manager for Frank Sadler. According to him, the Republican’s candidate debating style is a combination of extreme confidence and a skillful omission of details.

Trump is a master dodger when it comes to providing details of his proposals or even when he is asked about former statements. While the Republican is known to disagree with himself, he is very good at creating new, rhetorical arguments, with which he distracts the attention of his interlocutor long enough for him or her to give up on asking more things about a particular subject.

He Knows Everything, Even When He Doesn’t

Donald Trump is an exquisite actor, one of the best improve artists in the current political scene. He manages to look like he knows everything about a subject even if he has no idea what he’s talking about.

A very famous example is the incident with the nuclear missiles. When asked about his plans on the nuclear triad, Trump reacted like any confident student trying to pass an exam he didn’t study for. He heard the word nuclear, correlated it with the nuclear capabilities of the United States and ended up talking about the ongoing war in Iraq.

The conversation, surprisingly enough, didn’t end in his disadvantage, thus proving once again that he is a master of debate, owning a subject that he didn’t even know existed.

He Uses Factual Inaccuracies as Solid Proof

Sometimes the GOP candidate comes up with arguments that seem very well prepared. Some of his former opponents were hit by “compelling” data showing that they were doing, or planning on doing, something to hurt the voters from a specific area.

While doing so, he uses shreds of truth, preferably facts that were recently on the news, giving the impression that he thoroughly researched his speech.

A Debate With Trump is a Dirty Business

The most important thing that Clinton must remember for her first debate with Trump is the fact that he isn’t ashamed to play dirty. This means that the Democratic candidate must be prepared for references to the ongoing email scandal, and even the mistakes that her husband made while he was holding the office.

The first debate with Trump and Clinton is expected to be a heated one, so stay tuned this 26th of September.

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