Damaging Effects of Climate Change Around Us

The damaging effects of climate change can be observed in several fields.

Chart showing the damaging effects of climate change

There are still specialists who state that climate change is not a threat and that people shouldn’t get alarmed about it. On the other hand, there are also more and more experts in different domains who are concerned about this phenomenon. According to them, the damaging effects of climate change are all around us, which makes the phenomenon itself real.

High Temperatures

Everyone in all four corners of the Earth has experienced the scorching heat of the summer of 2016. According to official information released by NASA, July and August 2016 were equally hot, standing as the hottest months ever recorded. Judging by these data, 2016 could be one of the hottest years in history. Some researchers predict that global warming will advance to such an extent that in less than seventy years from now, most of the cities of the world won’t be able to host the Olympics. They suggest that the air will be too warm for intense physical activity.


The damaging effects of climate change are visible especially when it comes to wildlife. Insects, birds, and mammals are endangered by the ever changing climate conditions. Bees, polar bears, and corals are just a few examples of wild animals which encounter difficulties when it comes to dealing with global warming.

Most of the wild species are threatened by the unusual meteorological and atmospheric features of their habitat. Destroying the natural habitat also falls in the category of damaging effects of climate change.

Arctic Ice and Oceans

Recent research shows that Arctic ice and the oceans’ water are two of the elements which clearly prove the effects of global warming. According to researchers, the Arctic ice has recently reached a critical level, covering only 1.6 million square miles. Previous studies show that only in 2012 did the Arctic sea ice covered a smaller area than this one, namely 1.31 million square miles. The new survey dates from September 10, 2016.

The temperature of the water in the oceans and seas of the world is on the rise. This affects marine animals who are used to cooler waters. This is why they then to migrate towards the North, in search for pleasant environments. However, their massive migrations disturb the balance of natural ecosystems and food chains.

The Damaging Effects of Climate Change for National Security

Not only environmentalists and biologists are concerned about the damaging effects of climate change. President Obama has recently issued a memorandum, which requires prompt action against global warming from federal agencies. Climate change is considered to be a threat to national security, so officials have to deal with it as soon as possible and as efficient as possible.

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