Dangerous Toys Recalled But Still Available for Purchase Online

dangerous toys

The Public Interest Research Group Foundation warns parents about dangerous toys still available online.

Some toys pose serious health risks for children. Mainly due to the small parts that toddlers can ingest easily or toxic paints. Hence, a huge quantity of toys has been pulled from numerous shops across America. However, a consumer watchdog group has identified a wide variety of dangerous toys still available to the broad public being sold online.

“Not all recalls may be well-publicized”, says Bruce Speight, Director of the Public Interest Research Group Foundation.

The Public Interest Research Group Foundation has released Tuesday the 31st annual report on dangerous toys. The list features multiple pieces which have been previously recalled starting with January 2015 up until October 2016.

Health Risks that Come with Dangerous Toys

One of the main causes of concern is the presence of lead in the dangerous toys’ paint job. Not only is lead highly toxic, but it can have permanent effects on both the brain as well as the nervous system. Children, toddlers, in particular, are highly susceptible to lead poisoning through repeated use of dangerous toys. Due to the negative effects, a child suffering from lead poisoning can develop lower IQ and multiple other affections associated with plumbism.

Dangerous toys that contain weak magnets are also a cause of concern. A child can suffer from serious internal damage upon swallowing magnets, as they can come together inside the intestines.

On the list of recalled toys, there are a pencil case with detachable magnets, a remote-controlled toy with overheating USB charging cord, and a glockenspiel with toxic paint.

Keeping Safe from Dangerous Toys

The watchdog group advises parents to check their homes for this kind of toys and replace them, or pay more attention to their online shopping in the future. Furthermore, Brian Johnston, the chief of pediatrics at the Harborview Medical Center in Seattle urges parents to pay more attention to product labels whenever parents decide to buy a specific toy. This will prevent the little ones from suffering from injuries or more serious health issues in the future.

Also, another great way to keep your child safe from dangerous toys when purchasing online is to carefully read feedbacks and reviews by other customers, Dr. Brian Johnston adds. For example, wooden toys, in particular, come with clear instructions and manufacturers usually offer information on whether or not the product is safe for children.

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