Donald Trump’s A-Team Cancels Postelection Meeting


Donald Trump cancels his meeting with The New York Times set for Tuesday only moments before the interview.

Two weeks after Donald Trump won the election, his professional transition team prevents him from releasing declarations to the broad public. Even though the president-elect states that he hired only the best in business, the campaign managers were accused of a wide range of serious offenses. The list includes suspicious ties with the Ukrainian government and violent behavior towards reporters.

A meeting between Donald Trump and The New York Times has been previously scheduled for Tuesday. However, after a string of misunderstandings, the meeting was only one step away from never happening. Initially, Mr. Trump backed out on the grounds that The New York Times changed the original terms of the event. As it turns out, it was the president-elect’s own team that pressured Donald Trump into last-minute canceling.

Events Leading up to Donald Trump’s Decision to Cancel

In a Twitter post, Donald Trump expresses his discontent with The New York Time’s decision of changing the original terms of the aforementioned meeting. As a result, he canceled the get together on short notice.

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The people’s choice, Mr. Donald Trump eventually gave in and agreed to the meeting after the reporters made clear that it was him who changed the terms by canceling only moments before the segment. As it turns out, Mr. Trump’s own team created a state of confusion, leading the president-elect to believe that The New York Times reporters won’t keep their end of the bargain.

Ultimately, the reporters were able to identify the source of the confusion, namely Mr. Reince Priebus and the parties agreed to reschedule the meeting for the same day. The reporters can only believe that Mr. Trump’s team acted this way in fear of the president-elect embarrassing himself. More than just a member of the president-elect’s team, Priebus is also the incoming chief of staff and among the first to urge Donald Trump to cancel the meeting, according to The New York Times.

Furthermore, this is also not the first time Donald Trump has been manipulated by the people he keeps close to him. Steve Bannon, Mr. Trump’s top adviser has been trying for a long time now to sway the president-elect into adopting a radical right-wing position. Over the period he spent alongside Trump, he used flattery on multiple occasions to force the president-elect to agree with his point of view.

Hence, only two weeks after he won the election, it has become clear that Donald Trump is nothing but a puppet played by the professionals he hires to provide council.

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