Tennessee Department of Health Warns About the Dangers of Using E-Cigs


TDH Commissioner and U.S. Surgeon General perceive e-cigs as a gateway to use of conventional tobacco products.

After reviewing an unbiased body of scientific research, the Tennessee Department of Health issued new warnings aimed at the population who currently uses e-cigs as an alternative smoking cessation. TDH’s officials first issued a public health advisory on the electronic devices in February 2013. With new evidence coming to light, health officials are urging people to steer away from e-cigs, liquid nicotine, and similar devices.

John Dreyzenher, Tennessee Department of Health Commissioner addressed those who were pursuing a healthier lifestyle in 2017 and included quitting smoking in their new year resolution. However, he strongly recommends the population to seek FDA and CDC approved nicotine delivery systems since e-cigs do not qualify.

Risks Associated with the Use of E-Cigs

According to the reviewed public advisory, liquid nicotine, the main ingredient in e-liquids, can be fatal if mishandled. Whenever working with liquid nicotine, users should take precautionary measures, since the toxic substance can be easily absorbed through the skin or ingested, ultimately leading to death in severe cases.

Batteries also represent a public health concern, since they can either explode or children could swallow them. Because of the dangers they pose during transportation, the U.S. Department of Transportation banned battery-powered electronic smoking devices in checked baggage.

Last year, the U.S Surgeon General referred to e-cigs as a gateway to use of conventional tobacco products that could potentially stand at the core of a new generation of nicotine-addicted Americans.

Furthermore, pregnant mothers are advised to keep away from using the electronic devices since nicotine exposure has negative long-term health effects for a baby. Previous studies have shown that smoking while pregnant could impact the baby’s circulatory and nervous system, as well as organ and brain development.

Health officials have also warned about the dangers of second-hand smoking that can affect people, as well as pets. Sharing e-cigs could also lead to diseases spreading faster among the population. Also, authorities say the devices were used in the past to deliver intoxicating agents, most commonly the date rape drug, scientifically known as gamma-butyrolactone.

Tennessee’s Department of Health Position on E-Cigs

TDH’s commissioner strongly opposes the use of electronic smoking devices and warns the population that e-cigs are not approved by the CDC or FDA as a smoking cessation. Ultimately, he urges people to keep away from such products, since the use of e-cigs could result in a life-long nicotine addiction.

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