Early Menopause Related to Heart Diseases and Early Death

early menopause

Another factor that causes early menopause is surgical removal of a woman’s ovaries or certain cancer treatments.

New studies suggest that women who enter menopause early might be at bigger risk of developing premature death and heart disease.

A new study conducted in the Netherlands reviewed 32 studies which involved more than 300,000 women.  The researchers investigated women who were 45 or older at the beginning of menopause with those who were younger than 45 at the start of the process.

Early Menopause Symptoms

As the study shows, for the women under 45 the risk to develop a heart disease when menopause began is 50 percent bigger. Also, early menopause seems to be responsible for cardiovascular death but has no connection with stroke risk, as the results of the study concluded.

New Solutions

The research suggests that hormone therapy may be a solution for avoiding these diseases, but only used on short terms.  Long use of hormones, especially estrogen is associated with stroke risks, heart diseases, and cancer. So the risks outweigh the benefits and it is risky to use this kind of treatment.

However, the advice is for women who enter menopause before the age of 45. It is not dangerous to use hormones to treat the symptoms of menopause if you are aged under 45. Treatment with estrogen is recommended until women hit the normal age of natural menopause.

Even though the average age natural menopause usually begins is 51 years, recent studies show that one of ten women experiences natural menopause until the age of 45. Another factor which leads to this affection may be stress and also a chaotic lifestyle.

Another factor that causes early menopause is surgical removal of a woman’s ovaries or certain cancer treatments. Every year one of three women dies from heart disease because the risk of those diseases accelerates during menopause.

Joann Manson,  co-director of the Connors Center for Women’s Health and Gender Biology at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston explained that early menopause boosts high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol, which could damage the ovaries ,lead to early menopause and also grows the risk of developing a heart disease.

Apart from those factors, early menopause can be provoked by environmental or genetic risk factors, and it can be inherited from generation to generation.

The results of the study were published in the JAMA Cardiology Journal, an online scientific journal, on September 14th.

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