Easter Can Come With A Number Of Dangers For Pets

pest during easter

Easter can come with many threats and dangers for our pets.

Easter is a time of joy and rebirth, but for our beloved pets, it can also be a period riddled with almost unbelievable dangers. Anything from chocolate to the decorations used to celebrate the holiday can potentially turn into a problem.

Pet and especially dog owners should keep a careful watch over their animal friends. Dogs are known to have a sweet tooth when it comes to chocolate. As such, the Easter baskets filled with chocolate eggs or candies could be quite an enticing treat. However, they can also be a cause of great, even fatal problems for a dog or a cat. Over the last years, dark chocolate has been gaining favor as it is considered a “healthier treat”. Nonetheless, this too should be offered in limited quantities.

Chocolate contains a caffeine-like stimulant that, in pets, can lead to vomiting, hyperactivity or even an increased pulse. It can even lead to seizures, in more severe cases.

“In addition, the fat content in candy and chocolate can cause harm to a pet’s pancreas.”

This is according to the Central California Animal Disaster Team, which released a reminder about the dangers to pets brought on by Easter.

Pets Should Also Be Kept Away From Easter Decorations, Which Wil Be For Their Own Good

This spring holiday also comes with a number of other threats, besides the increased presence of chocolaty treats. More exactly, the Easter decorations themselves were listed on the “be careful” category.

The pink, green or blue colored plastic grass used in most baskets can reportedly seem appetizing to our four-legged friends. However, if ingested, these plastic materials can cause blockages in the intestines. This can lead to dehydration or vomiting.

A pet could also take a bite out of plastic foam eggs. These may also lead to problems as it may potentially affect the animal’s digestive tract. Stuffed animals should also be kept away from alive ones as pets could potentially ingest the toys’ tiny components.

A complete list of potential threats for a pet throughout Easter was posted by the ASPCA or the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

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