eBook Support Embedded in Microsoft’s Future Windows Upgrade

ebook support for windows 10

Microsoft officially announced it is going to add ebook support to the upcoming version of the Windows 10.

Microsoft officially announced rolling out the net Windows build, namely the 15014, for both phones as well as PCs. Users will be now able to enjoy the ebook support Microsoft announced for the future build, along with other disk and power-management features.

The next build will focus more on improving disk space and power management. However, not all users will get to test the improvements, since the company is going to roll out only a few test builds for only a handful of users. Nevertheless, the upgrade is scheduled for later this spring. Other than providing its users with ebook support, Microsoft has more surprises in store for its fans.

Power Management

Up to this point, Windows users were stuck with only two options: either burn fast through the battery life, but enjoy the best performances, or struggle with multitasking for prolonged periods of time. Now, Windows allows its users to completely personalize their power plan. Also, if before the upgrade users had to surf through Control Panel and set power options from Hardware & Sound, now with just a click on the battery icon visible on the taskbar, they will be able to change the settings to their heart’s desire.

However, the slider that would allow users to change power saving setting does not work, momentarily, as Microsoft is only testing the user interface.

Disk management

Another utility that could come in handy with the future build is what Microsoft calls “automatically clean up space”. This option will automatically delete any files and temporary system files that have been kept in the Recycle Bin for over a month.

Microsoft eBook Store

The new Windows 10 will feature an option that allows users to store their ebooks within the browser. Microsoft Edge will treat any downloadable ebook as a web page otherwise stored in the browser’s Reading List. Hence, both EPUB and PDF formats will be supported. When a user buys an ebook, the product will be stored in the Books section of Edge. Furthermore, Microsoft says users will be able to use Cortana to the fullest, especially when they are looking to gain additional context, change font size, define words, or view embedded video (depending on the ebook). Also, readers will be able to pick up where they left off by using bookmarks.

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