This Presidential Election Might Affect Women In The U.S

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Pro-lifers are the ones that support this bill that is going to affect women in the U.S.

Every year new bills are approved and some of them affect women in the U.S. This presidential election might affect women more than they think. If some of the bills that are discussed now are adopted, women might lose some of the right they hardly earned. Paid family leave and reproductive rights are two of the rights that are now discussed.

How Will This Affect Women?

Planned Parenthood might be defunded because the republicans have been trying to do so for a year. Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization that helps women around the U.S learn more about reproduction. This organization also helps women who have problems and can’t afford to go to the doctor.

Pro-lifers are the ones that support this bill. If it bill passes, women might not have the right to have an abortion even though they can’t keep the baby.  The problem here is that if Planned Parenthood is shut down, the number of STD cases might be even bigger because this organization teaches people about STDs and how to avoid them.

This organization also gives women affordable contraception so that they won’t need to make an abortion. Defunding Planned Parenthood will do more harm than good. This is what many doctors believe. Women’s rights should not be taken away from them.

The Affordable Care Act Might Be Repealed.

Also known as Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act helps people who don’t have enough money to get the health care that they need. If they don’t have enough money to pay the health costs, they can use this affordable health insurance. The Affordable Care Act helps many women in the U.S because it covers mammograms, pap smears, and birth control. This is another thing that is going to affect women.

Some of the bills that are going to be approved after this presidential election ends might affect all the women in the U.S because they might take away their rights. People who don’t have enough money won’t be treated in hospitals and this means that more and more people are going to develop diseases and illnesses that won’t be treated. This will only make things worse in the U.S. Let’s hope that none of these bills are approved after the presidential election.

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