Donald Trump’s Executive Order Harms Apple, says Tim Cook

executive order carries negatives

Tim Cook says Apple’s legal teams together with the Human Resources department are trying to work around the executive order for employees directly targeted by it.

While the President goes to extreme lengths to keep immigrants out of the country, especially Muslims, scientific facilities and organizations, schools and universities, and now tech companies like Apple or Facebook, for instance, complain they are losing valuable personnel because of the executive order that went into full effect on Friday, January 27th.

Tim Cook Reaches out to Apple Employees

As soon as he got wind some of Apple’s employees are directly targeted by the executive order that bars Muslin nationals from seven countries from entering the U.S. for the next 90 days, Tim Cook compiled an e-mail informing immigrant workers legal teams are currently investigating the issue, scouting for resolves.

Apple’s CEO stated that neither the company nor the nation can move forward without valuable resources offered by immigrants. Via the written declaration, Tim Cook declared he did not support Trump administration’s policy and shared his concerns regarding Apple employees directly affected by the executive order.

At the moment, several legal teams together with the Human Resources branch are keeping in touch with such employees to offer them aid and assistance. Hence, the company is now offering those affected by Trump administration’s policy resources in the AppleWeb to assist the company’s employees who have queries or concerns in relation to immigration policies.

White House-Apple Negotiations

While legal teams are trying to somehow work around the issue, Apple’s CEO disclosed that the company already reached out to the White House in an effort to elucidate the negative effect the move has on the iPhone-manufacturing company and its co-workers.

Tim Cook pleaded the company and its operations only grow through diversity, highlighting Apple employees support each other in times of need and are highly compassionate. He declared that exactly this empathy is now much-needed and counts on company’s co-workers to ensure Apple employees feel wanted, valued, and most of all, respected.

In his closing argument, he stated that the Cupertino-based company does not discriminate and is open to all, no matter of nationality, language spoken, origin, or religion. Ultimately, he claimed Apple employees were among the most talented in the world, pointing out that in spite of ethnic diversity, the company’s employees pursue the same goals.

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