Research Was Unable To Explain This Strange Flash Of X-Ray

strange flash in space

Researchers are unable to explain the cause or reason behind a strange flash of X-ray.

Even after carrying out a study, researchers are unable to explain the cause or reason behind a strange flash of X-ray. This event was captured back in 2014 and has been enticing scientists ever since.

The strange flash of X-ray has been dubbed CDF-S XT1. It was captured back in October 2014 by the Chandra X-ray Observatory from NASA. According to the telescope images, this flash increased in brightness by about 1,000 times over the period of an hour. However, it then faded ‘dramatically’ in less than a day. This is all according to a statement released by the Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Now, researchers have released a new study on the matter. This had Franz Bauer, from the Chile Pontific Catholic University as a first author. Presently, the study is available only online. Nonetheless, it will be published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society June 2017 issue.

This Strange Flash Is Still Enveloped In Mystery

“Ever since discovering this source, we’ve been struggling to understand its origin.” This is according to the aforementioned Bauer.

The exact source of this mysterious X-ray flash has yet to be determined. Nonetheless, the team claims that it most likely occurred some 10.7 billion light-years away from Earth, in a small and faint galaxy. This, on its own, is situated in the Chandra Deep Field South area.

According to the new study, the X-ray flash may be the consequence of one or two cosmic events. One of them is a gamma ray burst. This is a powerful, albeit brief explosion which could have been triggered by the collision of 2 neutron stars or the collapse of a massive star. The flash may also mark the aftermath of a white dwarf star being swallowed by a black hole, possibly a medium-sized one.

As it is, neither theory covers all the data, so more research on the matter is still needed before science can fully understand it.

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