It Might Take One Year To Getting Final Fantasy XV On PC

Final Fantasy XV

A Final Fantasy XV port to PC may take longer than expected.

After its presentation at the New York Comic-Con, gamers can hardly wait to get their hands on Final Fantasy XV, the latest console RPG from Japanese developer Square Enix. However, the term “console RPG” may be as right as ever. The much-anticipated port for PCs may take at least one year to happen.

Final Fantasy games were usually set in more… fantasy environments, though more futuristic technologies would come to play among various game elements. This installment gives us a different medium, a fantasy story set in more contemporary times.

A Different Fantasy

The story takes place in a modern Earth-like world called Eos. The hero is Noctis, a prince on a quest to retake his rightful throne in a kingdom recently conquered by the empire of Niflheim.

The atmosphere is set to be darker and more realistic compared to other previous installments. The players are given an open-world experience, and the combat system looks very exciting from the demos presented.

While only Noctis is controllable, the player has ways of interacting with other party members even during combat. The hero is also able to perform warp attacks for short distances, making the combat fast, fluid and exciting.

It’s a small wonder that the latest presentation got gamers of all mediums anxious to play Final Fantasy XV.

Porting Final Fantasy XV To PC Is A Very Slow Process

When the game was announced, not many details were given regarding a PC port, but Square Enix did not rule anything out. And while the transfer may still happen, game director Hajime Tabata says that it’s unlikely for it to happen soon.

Tabata states that the work on adapting the graphics engine would be “laborious.” No confirmation on whether the process had even started was given.

Final Fantasy XV is set to launch on November 29. It will be released worldwide, and be available only for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. In Japan, the game will also be used to boost the new PS4 Slim, by also being released in a bundle with the eighth generation console.

Will you play Final Fantasy XV on a console, or are you prepared to wait for a PC release?

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