Make Room for These Foods in Your Diabetes Diet

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You can keep diabetes under control by improving your dietary habits with healthy food.

Type 2 diabetes patients have to take a wide variety of medications, but this disease is manageable if we also consume certain kinds of foods. Recent research has shown that some people with diabetes don’t need to rely on insulin all the time, and they can prevent invasive surgeries as well.

There are other affordable solutions which can help patients depend less on medication. Although the standard diabetes diet plan includes foods rich in fiber and low in carbs, the latest findings suggest that an average carbohydrate intake might provide better results.

In addition, some experts claim that a regular diet with the standard intake of proteins would help patients more. More precisely, blood glucose, insulin levels, and sensitivity will drop off if people follow a healthy diet without relying so much on medications.

Experts underline that there are five foods which will certainly improve the life quality of every Type 2 diabetes patient.

Use More Cinnamon

A recent study has revealed that cinnamon will help cells become responsive to insulin. Half a teaspoon should be enough to make your everyday diet healthier. Researchers monitored a group of patients for 40 days and concluded that blood sugar levels decreased thanks to the cinnamon daily intake.

Drink Chamomile Tea

A group of Japanese scientists has conducted an experiment during which diabetic rats took a dose of chamomile extract every day for a three-week period. At the end of the experiment, they noticed that those rats had a lower glucose level in their blood, so they figured out that that chamomile tea might work for patients as well.

Put Black Beans in Your Foods

Black beans can be used whenever you’re cooking. For instance, you can use them in an English breakfast, or in the soup for lunch, and even for a tasty dinner. Experts underline that black beans are rich in protein and fiber, while they also have a low value of glycemic index making them the ideal dietary match for any diabetic patient.

Eat Avocado

Although avocado is not among the traditional fruits, such as apples or bananas, this exotic fruit has a low amount of sugar and a high level of monounsaturated fats, which can reduce the cholesterol levels.

Pour Some Apple Cider Vinegar Into Your Salad

Scientists have recently discovered that vinegar consumption can significantly reduce insulin sensitivity, especially in patients who take two tablespoons before two of their daily meals. Also, it goes well with your salad.

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