New Leaks Confirm Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Design Overhaul

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Larger batteries, larger displays, off-centered fingerprint scanner, and better performances all spell out Galaxy S8.

It is safe to assume Android enthusiasts know almost everything about Samsung’s purported Galaxy S8 which draws increasingly closer to its launch date. However, latest leaks revealed the South Korean tech giant may still be holding back some design quirks and features. Nevertheless, some pictures that have surfaced only recently confirms several major changes while dismissing others.

Design Overhaul Confirmation

Last month, several leaked pictures showed that Samsung was planning major changes, deemed unnecessary by some, for its Galaxy S8. For starters, the fingerprint sensor, usually found on the back of other Android phones, somewhere in the middle, would now be placed at the very top, right next to the rear-facing camera.

While some thought of it as nothing more but a concept or a test design so that the company could understand how consumers would react to such a change, photos of Galaxy S8 cases have leaked on Weibo, confirming the new design.

Improved Galaxy S8 Performances

Previous leaks suggested that the Galaxy S8 will be powered by the latest Snapdragon CPU. The latest rumors confirm that the unit will, indeed, be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 in the US. Pros: it runs on 40 percent less power than its predecessor, the Snapdragon 820, which powers the Galaxy S7, and is 30% smaller.  A major downside is that is only 27 percent more powerful, an improvement indeed, but not an over the top year-on-year gain.

SamMobile reported that the unit may launch with 6GB of RAM. Now, this is a major change. The standard version will roll out with only 4GB. Bad news is that the bulkier version will be available only in China, at first.

Battery Life

With the Note 7 debacle, Samsung is making amends to get back its customers’ trust. The Galaxy S7 received lots of praises for its 3000mAh crammed into a relatively compact 5.1-inch handset. Now, Samsung is at it again and will apparently fit the Galaxy S8 with a 3250mAh power source. At the same time, the Galaxy S8 Plus will boast a 3750mAh battery.

However, because both variants come with huge displays, the handsets will most likely consume huge amounts of power. At least, the South Korean tech giant hasn’t been put off by the Note 7 disaster and is still looking to push the envelope.

Image Source: Weibo

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