Gboard, the Latest Version of Google Keyboard is now Available for Android

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Gboard is now compatible with Android versions as old as the 3.2 Honeycomb

Earlier this year, in May, Google released a version of the Google Keyboard that allows the users to perform searches without leaving an app. However, the update was only available for iOS. Since then, Android users have anxiously waited for the improved keyboard to be made available for their devices, as well. In an effort to rectify the situation, Google has launched the Android version of the improved keyboard, dubbed Gboard.

However, owners of an Android-powered phone should not expect to see the Gboardon Google Play, at least for a little while longer. Google has not released any official statements on the matter, either. Nevertheless, the APK file is now available for everyone on

Gboard Comes with Visible Improvements

When Google engineers designed the Gboard, they had only one thing in mind and that was improved functionality. The main reason the Gboard was released was to improve the Google Search experience on iOS devices.

However, Android owners do not experience much trouble when attempting to perform a Google search, as the results could be one voice command or tap away. Gboard is capable of so much more, though, than just aiding users in finding answers fast online.

For example, when chatting with a friend or a group of people using the messenger app, users might need to search for a location, event, definition, and so on. With the Gboard, users can perform the search without having to leave the messenger app.

New Features

Even though the main focus was on the Search function, the engineers did not overlook other features such as themes, Voice Typing, and emojis. However, among the array of new and improved features, maybe one of the most notable is the Glide typing.

Basically, this refers to allowing users to type words by gliding through the letters. When lifting the finger off the screen, the keyboard automatically recognizes it as a space. Moreover, the feature is also capable of memorizing the most common words a user types and completes the words before the gesture is finished.

Also, the Gboard features a GIF button in the emoji panel. Even though, at first, this was only available for Android 7.1, after Google performed an update, this option is now compatible with Android versions as old as the 3.2 Honeycomb, as well.

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