After Thumbs Down, Banks Are Considering Snap a Good Investment

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Underwriters have finally recognized Snapchat as a good investment for Wall Street firms.

Wall Street was buzzing on Monday with the array of banks that gave their blessings to Snapchat. While they highly advised their clients against this initial public offering in the beginning, the vanishing messaging app has just received an impressive number of “buy” ratings. There were a few “hold” ratings among them. As a consequence, several small Wall Street companies considered Snapchat a good investment and hurried to buy some shares.

Snap Had its Shares Soar to $23.83 which Signaled a Good Investment

On Monday, the shares of Snap Inc. soared almost 5%. The event came soon after several IPO underwriters reevaluated the company and gave it a much needed “buy” classification. It did not pass an entire month since Snap went public.

While this was the boldest IPO move coming from the tech industry over the past three years, the trading was unstable. Many investors frowned upon the company losing massive waves of users. They were enticed by the upgraded copycats over other social media platforms that offered them more features than Snap.

In light of the lost momentum, analysts registered either neutral or negative ratings. Despite a powerful start, Snap turned out to be one of the most disapproved stocks on Wall Street. However, things changed for the better on Monday. At least eight banks related to IPO released positive ratings. Some of them were even Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. As a consequence, Snap had its shares soar 4.79% to $23.83.

Analysts Changed their Ratings Due to Large Snap Potential

The reason behind this sudden change in the evaluation was the potential of the company. Snap Inc. is currently dealing with an accelerated decrease in users number, strong rivals, and negative revenue because of massive expenses. However, analysts expect for all this to turn for the better.

Their explanation lies in the difference between complex business formats like Facebook and the startup Snap. While others tapped into a large list of monetization strategies, Snapchat is still at the beginning of converting its business into a profitable one.

Thus, Snap won the day by revealing its growth potential. Moreover, analysts consider that the remaining community that chose not to leave Snapchat is loyal to their favorite social media. Once the number of users grows steady, publishers will start asking for more ad spots on the ephemeral messaging chat.

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