Google and Amazon Want To Fight Fake Reviews

fake reviews on Google Play

Fake reviews are a common problem on Google and Amazon.

Nowadays we have a lot of products to choose from and the decision might be too hard. This is why we use reviews, in order to see which product satisfies our needs more. The choices we need to make every day include the restaurant where we eat, the clothes we buy, and selecting which app we should download.

Fake Reviews Are More Common Than You Think

Fake reviews are a common problem on Google and Amazon. Some people write fake reviews so that they can promote their products. This happens no matter if the products are inferior to others that have the same price. It is hard for people to distinguish from fake and real reviews and this is why both Amazon and Google want to find a strategy to fight the fake ones.

Google made an announcement on this topic saying that they have found different apps that have too many reviews that are fake. They say that this influence people into downloading them for free or even pay for them.

In order to stop this problem, Google also announced that they are going to improve their filtering system. If somebody tries to manipulate people into using a certain app, the application will be taken down from Google Play Store. This will only happen if the system detects the same problem more than once.

Another problem is that if you download an app based on the fake reviews the app might introduce malware into your phone. This can affect the way your phone works. This is why Google wants to stop this problem.

Amazon has the same problem with fake reviews.

Google is not the only one that is facing this problem; Amazon does too. They are doing some changes to stop the fake reviews. For Amazon, this is an old problem because there have been fake reviews for many years. There are some companies that even write a review for money.

To see if one review is correct you can use a service called that can analyze the reviews. This service compares the reviews that you choose with other reviews for the same product or company. Then it gives you a score from A to F so this is who you see what is correct on Amazon. To make it even easier the site has some products that have false or true reviews.

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