Google Pixel Casts a Shadow Over Several iPhone Features


When it comes to facing the Google Pixel, Apple falls behind on several key aspects.

The war between Android and iOS wages on. This year’s contestants are the Google Pixel XL and the infamous iPhone 6s. Even though Apple has recently launched the iPhone 7, the two handsets do not differ very much in terms of performance.

However, when it comes to facing Google Pixel, Apple falls behind on several aspects. For starters, Google Pixel is lighter than the iPhone. While the difference in weight doesn’t seem like much, Pixel’s users can handle the device easier. At the same time, this does not affect the smartphones reliability whatsoever.

Moreover, the Google Pixel seems more secure in a user’s hands, thanks to the glass inlay it features on the back. While the iPhone does indeed have a nice finish, the edges and back do not offer any grip. As a result, many iPhone owners have dropped and ultimately damaged their units because of this.

Screen and Image Quality

Screen quality has always been a sensitive subject. Even more so now that Apple will most likely buy the future iPhone displays from their top competitor, Samsung. Until Apple upgrades the iPhone displays, Google Pixel takes the opportunity to deliver a devastating blow. Although the iPhone 6s’ LCD screen delivers nice contrast and vivid colors, it still falls behind the Google Pixel’s AMOLED technology.

The latter is able to capture sharper images and shoot better videos. Moreover, no matter how great the contrast appears to be on an iPhone Retina display, it will be more pronounced on Google Pixels’ AMOLED display.

Battery Life and Charging Cycles

In order to properly test the charging times of the iPhone and the Google Pixel, a technician also added the Galaxy S7 edge into the mix. After a two-hour charging period, the Google Pixel almost completed the cycle. However, the iPhone 6s’ battery indicator only displayed 72 percent of battery life available.

In the meantime, the Galaxy S7 Edge had a full battery after only one hour and 30 minutes. In the smartphone industry, fast charging makes a great difference. The Google Pixel’s ability to charge its battery almost completely is mainly thanks to its extremely efficient USB-C charger.

Moreover, Google Pixel’s Android Doze feature can drastically improve the battery life. The main purpose is to reduce power consumption when the smartphone is idle.

Miscellaneous Features

Speed is what every smartphone user is aiming for. Even though there is not much one can do about the specifications, a Google Pixel user can improve the smartphone’s response time. For example, by removing the swiping animations, an Android user can switch between the apps faster.

However, this does not work on iPhone, since Apple does not allow users to interfere with the device’s animations. Last, but not least, Android OS may be a better suit for the users. Mainly because the iPhone does not handle displaying notifications like Google Pixel. Using an Android smartphones allows the users to clear all notifications at once. Furthermore, notifications remain active on the iPhone, even if the device is paired with a computer. Hence, if the user has already seen an email on his personal computer, he would still have to delete the notification on the smartphone manually.

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