Google Timelapse Shows The Changes That The Earth Suffered

Google Timelapse

Google Timelapse shows the impact that people had in nature in the last 30 years.

The Earth has been changing a lot in the last few decades. This is because people have been building and polluting more and more every day. Despite the fact that new buildings and roads are being built, nature has been neglected in the process. Google Timelapse is able to show people just how much things have changed.

What is Google Timelapse?

Google made this application in order for people to realize that the Earth is changing constantly and that they need to take action before it is too late. Google Timelapse shows the impact that people had in nature in the last 30 years.

People can use the application and move from city to city in order to see if it is changed. They can see the planet from 1984 up to now. It is an interesting way of making people understand that the change is concerning.

Users can also zoom and scroll to see some details that they did not notice before. This app is similar to Google Earth but it is much more complex because it puts older photos next to new ones just to show the difference.

Using this app, people will be able to notice that some things have changed drastically in just 30 years. The biggest problem that people have is that they can’t really compare the way the Earth looks now and the way it looked years ago. Google Timelapse will be able to provide this information.

There are some other problems that affect this world. For instance, people don’t believe that climate change made any difference. They believe this, despite the fact that every day people can see new information about the world suffering from global warming.

Google Timelapse Shows the Reality of Climate Change

This application can help humanity understand the need to change its view upon climate change matters before the damage gets even worse. The parts of the Earth that are the most affected are forests and the glacial areas.

It is important that people see the difference between what this world used to look like and the way it looked 30 years ago. Let’s hope that Google Timelapse will make a change by showing people that we have changed the way Earth looks.

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