Minimum Climate Change with 100 Percent Green Energy

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Marrakech Vision states that global warming can be stopped with international cooperation and 100 percent use of green energy

The Climate Vulnerable Forum high-level meeting took place on November 18 where the Marrakech Vision published yet another extensive piece on green energy. The document aims to stop climate change or at least hold it to a minimum through a series of important social justice actions.

As a result, as many as 47 leaders of underdeveloped world’s nations discussed several alternatives among which using exclusively green energy was one of the most feasible. Hence, countries most affected by climate change such as Ethiopia, Haiti, and Bangladesh issued a series of statements regarding this particular environmental direction. Moreover, the leaders present at the meeting are planning to update their national plans through constant monitoring and systematically lowering carbon levels until 2020.

Negotiations Prior to Green Energy Agreement

These decisions took almost two weeks of intense negotiations. Global warming was the main focus point. Even though there were many issues at stake, the states’ representative found global warming both a serious as well as an immediate threat. Hence the world leaders acted accordingly, displaying profound commitment towards it. As a result, Climate Vulnerable Forum’s members promised to implement strict measures that would ultimately lead to relying solely on green energy starting with 2030.

However, even though only 47 world leaders were present, the issue of climate vulnerability and underlying causes of disaster risk are of global concern. As a result, they must be addressed as soon and efficiently as possible.

Another agreement much like the Climate Vulnerable Forum accord was reached in Paris in December as of last year. At the time, after the Paris Conference regarding climate change, no less than 195 countries signed the first global climate deal, binding together all nations.

Hence, thanks to the Paris Agreement, 47 countries promised to lower carbon levels and ultimately reach neutrality by 2050. Moreover, the Paris Accord requires that all of the 195 leaders meet every five years and keep a close eye on the evolution of the stipulations mentioned in the agreement.

Measures to Prevent Climate Change and Global Warming

Ban Ki-moon, U.N.’s Secretary-General highlights the importance of preliminary steps in preventing any further climate change. Hence, the main priority should be for all countries to acknowledge the impact that climate change has on the global future. Next, each nation has to take all measures required to ensure economic prosperity, security and general well-being of the nation’s citizens.

Furthermore, he also supports and encourages the idea of global cooperation. Even more so, when a particular threat could destabilize any country, regardless of economic stability or status.

Ultimately, the world leaders of the 47 states present at the meeting unanimously agreed to commit to creating a highly functional cooperative international system. This will grow to be fully equipped for preventing climate change in the future. Also, the most important aspect that binds each nation together is the possibility to completely switch to 100 percent green energy for generations to come.

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