Tennessean Health Experts Raise Awareness on Heart Disease Death and Risk Factors

heart disease

Relieving stress, eating healthier, avoiding tobacco products, getting regular screenings are only several ways to combat risk factors associated with heart disease, physicians say.

According to official surveys conducted in the past, heart disease ranks as one of the top five leading causes of death among Tennessee residents alongside stroke. Hence, almost 24 percent of the state’s population, or 15,674 heart disease patients, died due to heart-related complications in 2016 alone.

Health Officials on Heart Disease

Department of Health officials reminded Tennesseans that heart disease is not only one of the leading causes of death in the U.S., but it is also highly preventable. Hence, nutritionists and physicians alike promote a healthy lifestyle, balanced alimentation, regular physical activity, and regular screenings to protect oneself from heart disease, stroke, and complications associated with these affections.

Dr. Morgan McDonald says there are three major ways to improve one’s overall health, all within reach of most Tennesseans. Hence, avoiding tobacco use, engage in regular and moderate to intense physical activity, and eating healthier play an important part in lowering risk factors and subsequently the likelihood of heart disease.

Doctor’s Advice

For those who got hooked on nicotine, health experts recommend trimming down the number of cigarettes per day and ultimately quit smoking altogether. Nicotine addicts can dial 1-800-QUIT-NOW to get a free individualized program to help them stop smoking.

Furthermore, Tennesseans with diabetes, elevated levels of cholesterol, and high blood pressure are most at risk to develop heart-related issues, physicians say. Regular screenings can hope those suffering from at least one of the above to get a better grasp on their situation and improve one’s overall health by implementing some changes in their diet or work schedule.

Eating certain foods such as lean meat, vegetables, whole grains, and fruits also lowers the risk factors associated with heart disease and strengthens patients’ – especially those suffering from chronic disorders – immune system.

If there is no time for a full workout session in a well-equipped gym, physicians say brisk walks, swimming, dancing, hiking, or any other physically demanding leisure activities are extremely important for a heart-healthy living.

Ultimately, to reduce one’s susceptibility to stroke, doctors recommend patients to find healthy ways to relieve stress, such as taking up a hobby, camping, take up arts, or explore something new, either place or certain activities.

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