Nintendo Reveals More Information on Its Hybrid Console

hybrid console

Even though new information on Nintendo’s hybrid console rolled out, there are still many unanswered questions that need some clearing.

When Nintendo first announced its gaming console last week during an hour-long event in Tokyo, the company’s focus revolved more around the game lineup of its hybrid console, with almost no information on other functionality or operating system. The company has released new information on the Nintendo Switch but kept quiet about a lot at the same time.

Compatibility with Past Consoles

According to Nintendo, the purported hybrid console will not be compatible with other controllers released in the past, such as those of a Nintendo Wii or Wii U. However, the company does mention that it is considering the option.

Video Streaming

Nintendo officials say that their main priority was to develop a dedicated video game platform. This roughly translates into the console’s incapacity of supporting any apps dedicated for video-streaming like Hulu or Netflix, at least at launch. Once again, Nintendo says it is considering the option to upgrade the hybrid console’s functionality sometime in the future.

Virtual Social Network

It seems that with the Nintendo Switch the Miiverse is gone. However, the Mii’s are still very much alive. The Nintendo Switch comes with a Mii Maker tool hidden somewhere in the console’s settings. The tool allows Switch users to create avatars which can also be included in the games. Also, the users will now have the option to choose their profile picture from a selection of Nintendo-themed images.

User Accounts

Nintendo Switch users will be able to create up to eight user accounts on the hybrid console. Also, the users will have access to the console’s eShop wing linked to their account. Furthermore, the device’s lack of region locking could apply to digital games, as well, as long as the user has a valid payment method.


Even though the company cleared the air a little bit, there are still a few unanswered questions. At this time, it is yet unknown whether the hybrid console is able to connect to existing Nintendo accounts. Also, no information on the achievements system is available at the moment, or whether users could transfer Virtual Console purchases over, or whether the Virtual Console will come to Nintendo Switch at all, for that matter.

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