Influenza Claims its First Victim in Idaho

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Clinical trials have shown that influenza shots for pregnant women do not endanger the pregnancy.

A 50-year-old individual lost his life to influence in Idaho on December 22nd. In light of these events, health care providers now urge the citizens to get a flu shot, in order to prevent further deaths. Leslie Tengelsen, influenza surveillance coordinator for the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare says that the man’s death points to a potential outbreak that could end in disaster. In order to avoid the dangers, Ms. Tengelsen strongly recommends that people living in Idaho should get a flu shot as the disease can be serious “even for otherwise healthy people”

Influenza Symptoms

Influenza is a highly contagious respiratory illness that is responsible for infecting approximately 20 percent of the U.S population every year. Statistics show that influenza contributes each year to nearly 36,000 deaths across America and more than 210,000 hospitalizations.

Influenza is generally characterized by intense headaches, fever, and chronic fatigue. Some individuals may also experience a sore throat and coughing, as well. According to doctors across the country, most patients start to feel better after a few days. However, some people could develop life-threatening complications.

People Most Susceptible to Influenza

Doctors strongly recommend that pregnant women should protect both themselves, as well as the baby and other family members by getting a flu shot. Also, people who are older than 50 are more prone to get infected.

At the same time, people who benefit from a poor health because of chronic medical conditions like lung diseases, asthma, heart diseases, or diabetes are more likely to come in contact with influenza. Also, people who live in long-term facilities or nursing homes are also more predisposed to the virus. Ultimately, because it is highly contagious, people looking after patients with influenza can easily contract the disease themselves.

Doctor’s Advice

In case an individual got infected with the virus, there are several methods one could use in order to contain the infection and recover faster. First of all, if you contracted the disease, cover the mouth with a tissue to prevent the virus from infecting other people. At the same time, avoid individuals who appear sicker than you.

In case of influenza, doctors recommend plenty of rest. Hence, take several days off from school or work to recover. Ultimately, a healthy diet, proper hydration, and regular exercise can prevent the infection altogether.

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