Instagram Introduces Shop Now Button

Instagram shop now button

Now some of the most known brands in the U.S will have this Shop Now button

You know just how fascinating some things are on Instagram. Some of the photos make you want to buy those clothes or that phone case immediately. The problem is that it is hard to find that T-shirt that you love just by scrolling on the tag page. In order to make it easier for us, Instagram decided to have a new button: Shop now.

Instagram is going to have this feature available for iOS users in the U.S next week. This is a marketing strategy for the social media app to make you buy stuff online. Until now you had to find the tag of the product to search for it and maybe if you found it there was no price on the description. That made it hard for everybody.

Now some of the most known brands in the U.S will have this Shop Now button. From Levi’s to Target you will be able to find and buy their products with just a click. These companies will be able to add details about their products on the description.

This Shop now button is going to be easy to use.

First of all, you need to find something you like on Levi’s page, for example. After that, you click on the photo and see all the tags and details about that product. If you decide that you want it, you just press the shop now button. Once you pressed that button a link will be opened in Safari. There, you can select the color or the size, and after that you buy it.

Because of this button shopping feature, Instagram trade will become easier and faster. Until this, shopping brands inserted some links in the bio section, but it was difficult to follow them and find the exact product that you wanted. The social media app also wants to test other features like save for later and product recommendations so you can visit the same product later (when you want to buy it) or see how other people felt about that product.

If this Shop now button is going to have the outcome that everybody expects maybe more and more brands are going to have this button. Also, Instagram might add this feature for Android users in the near future. Let’s hope that this development is a good one for both users and brands.

Image source: Pexels

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