iPhones Worth $13,000 Stolen By Teenagers

iPhones on a table.

A group of teenagers stole $13,000 in iPhones from a store.

A group of teens wearing hoodies stole iPhones worth $13,000 from the Apple Natick Collection store. The thieves left the store in just a minute, taking with them 19 units, although security cables were attached to them.

Police Response

The only solid proof consists of footage with the teenagers grabbing the iPhones and storming out of the store. A similar event occurred in several weeks ago when a group of thieves stole 22 iPhones from another Apple store across the United States.

According to Cara Rossi, Natick Police Lieutenant, the authorities are aware of this situation and are doing their best to prevent this issue from spreading throughout the country. These thieves team up, form packs and bust into stores stealing any iPhone they lay hands on.

Apple’s New Initiative on iPhones’ Security

These recent incidents indicate that tethering iPhones was a better idea than simply putting them on a counter. That is why company’s officials decide to come with a different approach and enhance the iPhone’s security.

Thanks to the latest technological advances, Apple will no longer attach security cables to the iPhone, but instead, it will introduce a geofencing system into the smartphones, meaning that in case they are stolen, these devices will deactivate a few meters away from the store.

By using this method, the company aims to discourage thieves from attempting to steal iPhones in the future. When they are outside of the store’s safe zone, these units become useless and worthless as well because no one can activate them.

In other words, they can be activated only inside the store. Also, customers who purchase these phones will have this function deactivated by store’s representatives before leaving the safe zone.

Although security cables have been regarded as excellent theft prevention tools, recent incidents underline that they were ineffective in preventing a group of teenagers to steal so many smartphones in less than a minute.

The search for the suspects continues, but it won’t take long until the police finds them or the iPhones because the company can remotely track any stolen device. As the last incident occurred a few weeks ago in Hingham, authorities will continue the investigation to prevent any future theft.

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