Irregular heartbeat can be responsible for serious health conditions


Irregular heartbeat can be dangerous

Irregular heartbeat can cause many complications for your heart.

Irregular heartbeat can be dangerous for our health

If you have an irregular heartbeat, you should see a doctor because it effects can lead to many complications. According to a study, atrial fibrillation is responsible not only for the stroke but also for other cardiovascular issues and kidney disease. We all know that an irregular heartbeat is a sign that something is wrong with our heart, but how dangerous it can be for us?

Researchers used data from 104 studies of more than 9 million patients. Most of them suffered from atrial fibrillation. They discovered that irregular heartbeat increased people’s risk for other problems, such as stroke or kidney disease. Dr. Ayodele Odutayo, a graduate student at the Centre for Statistics in Medicine at the University of Oxford in England, was the author of the study.  Researchers said that people with atrial fibrillation are more likely to have heart attacks than those who did not develop this issue.

What is atrial fibrillation

Researchers still do not know if the irregular heartbeat causes these problems directly or its side effects are responsible for this situation. For many people, the main cause could me a higher blood pressure. Even if the research from the future will show that atrial fibrillation is not causing heart attacks, doctors should pay attentions to the complications.

Atrial fibrillation is caused by an issue in the heart’s electrical system and is the most common problem among people who suffer from heart diseases. The symptoms are different for every patient. Some said that they felt a speeding up of the heart, while others felt like butterflies in their chest. Most of them are concerned because it is similar to a heart attack.

Doctors are expecting more cases of irregular heartbeat

Although many doctors think that irregular heartbeat is not something we should be worried about, it can be a huge threat to our life. The blood can’t move from atria into ventricles and this makes the patient vulnerable and almost all the time tired.

An irregular heartbeat can be caused also by stress. In the society we live in, stress is one of the main factors for heart diseases. Doctors are expecting more people to have this problem in the future. Pay attention to your heartbeat and if you feel like something is not right, go to a doctor because you could have more complications that you can think.

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