DEA wants to make Kratom drug illegal


The DEA wants Kratom be illegal

Kratom drug will be illegal.

DEA thinks Kratom is a dangerous drug

The Drug Enforcement Administration said that Kratom is a dangerous substitute for drugs like heroin, so from the end of September, it will be classified as an illegal, schedule 1 drug. This medicine comes from a natural tree native from Asia. People can consume it by making a tea of its leaves or taking a capsule that is sold at smoke shops.

Dr. Michael Moss said that this drug has been linked with many bad effects, such as seizures or mental issues. Moreover, there 14 people who died because of Kratom in the United States and 30 in the whole world. In the past five years, poison centers from the United States take care of 660 people who were exposed to Kratom. However, there were more people who have issues due to detergent packs or other pills.

People made a petition for the White House

If you wonder what is a schedule 1 substance, you should know that is a drug that has a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use in treatment. Marijuana is also a schedule 1 substance, even if many people said it has more benefits than disadvantages.

There a lot of people who do not think that Kratom is dangerous. They made a petition, asking the White House to not classify this substance as an illegal one. There were more than 100 000 people who signed the petition, hoping that Barack Obama will give then an answer.  The President will have to answer.

According to the petition response policy, if a petition was signed by more than 100  000 people in 30 days, the White House has to respond in less than 60 days. Kratom is already illegal in Vermont, Indiana, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Alabama, and Arkansas.

Kratom will be an illegal drug

Kratom is used by many heroin addicts who want to come clean. We do not know if there will be some changes because there are less than 30 days until the drug will become illegal and the White House has more time to respond to the petition.

What do you think about this problem? Should Kratom drug be illegal? The Drug Enforcement  Administration seems to be convinced they are making the right choice. The question is: What are they going to do with other substances, that cause more deaths and are still on the market? It seems that the White House will not have an easy job.

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    Sign “We the People” Pitition to stop bann. Call DEA leave message about why its sould be legal # 202-307-7297 and 202-690-7694. Senators # 202-224-3224 and 202-225-3341