Controversial Ku Klux Klan Faction Leader Found Dead

ku klux klan leader found dead

Law enforcement investigators are still investing the circumstances of Ku Klux Klan faction leader, Frank Ancona’s death with little to go on.

A family who went fishing for the weekend stumbled upon Frank Ancona’s lifeless body on Saturday, February 11th, near Belgrade, Montana. The 51-year-old Leadwood resident was best known for his title of imperial wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. According to family members, the man had been missing for several days until his body was discovered near Big River.

Saturday night, Zach Jacobsen, Washington County Sheriff issued a statement saying an autopsy is underway. Coroners have not released any potential cause of death yet. In spite of the man’s reputation, the sheriff deemed the man’s passing as a senseless and tragic act of violence.

Frank Ancona’s Vanishing

On Friday, February 10th, local law enforcement agencies have been alerted of Frank Ancona’s disappearance. His 2015 black Ford Fusion was discovered later by an employee working with the U.S. Forest Service on Forest Service property, near Potosi. By Saturday, deputies secured the area and requested assistance from the Missouri Highway Patrol.

Official Statements

Zach Jacobsen told reporters that two people were arrested in relation to the Ku Klux Klan faction leader’s disappearance. However, one of them was brought in on unrelated charges. The Washington County Sheriff added Frank Ancona’s family has been notified about his death.

According to local law enforcement officers, the man had not been seen since early Wednesday. William Dickey, Leadwood Police Chief told reporters that police officers learned about the 51-year-old’s mysterious disappearance from his employer.

The deceased’s wife told authorities that her husband received a call from work on that day requesting him to deliver some vehicle parts across the state. However, his employer told investigators the man was never sent on a delivery run.

Furthermore, investigators scouring around his house found a safe that had been forcibly opened, as if someone took a crowbar to it. William Dickey said that all the contents of the safe were missing, as well as several firearms owned by Frank Ancona. Malissa was questioned about a Facebook post she shared on the night of her husband’s disappearance, as she was looking for a roommate. However, law enforcement officers were told the man was planning to file for divorce and his wife was looking for a roommate to share the expenses with.

At this point, no details of the pending investigation have been released to the media.

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