LG Brings Levitating Speaker

 LG levitating speaker

The levitating speaker is going to levitate over its base named Levitation Station.

In the last years, technology has evolved a lot. Many tech giants designed innovative self-driving cars, VR devices and many types of smartphones and tablets. Digital assistants are now available for many devices. Although it seems like it is too futuristic a levitating speaker is not a new thing for technology today.

There are a lot of companies who already designed and released levitating speakers. Now LG decided to bring a levitating speaker to the market. This speaker has a basic design, unlike other speakers who tend to look like UFOs.

LG is also the first big electronic company to design a device like this. Until now only small unknown companies have tried to sell this type of speakers. The name of the device designed by LG is Levitating Portable Speaker. The company announced that the device will be released in a few days, in January at CES.

The levitating speaker is going to levitate over its base named Levitation Station. The base is also going to be a charger for the speaker. The speaker has a long battery life of 10 hours. Once the device has no battery it is going to go to the base in order to charge.

Aside from looking classy and from having a great battery life, the levitating speaker is also going to have a 360-degree sound. Another great feature that this device has is the fact that it is waterproof. This means that you can listen to it even outside when it is raining. Now you don’t have to come back inside when the rain comes. You can still enjoy the music outside.

Despite the fact that this levitating speaker is not the first on the market, many tech experts agree that its features make it one of the best. Many sources confirmed that the price of the speaker is going to range between $150 and $200. Despite this, LG did not reveal the price of the product yet.

The price of the speaker and many other features will be discovered in January when LG unveils the levitating speaker. Let’s hope that the product will be successful and that the company is going to design more devices like this one.

What is your opinion about levitating speakers? Would you buy one?

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