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Facebook Messenger announced that its AI digital assistant, M, will become available in the US.

Earlier this week, Facebook Messenger announced that it would be making its AI digital assistant, M, available to anyone living in the United States. The social media platform first announced this new feature over a year ago and has been testing it ever since. Now, the limited access assistant will be generally available.

The ‘M Suggestions’ larger scale release was announced through a blog post on the official Facebook Newsroom. In it, the platform offered details about its newest option. M is described as being a “helpful assistant” that should benefit Messenger users. The digital assistant is powered by artificial intelligence. As such, it should be able to learn and get better the more it is fed information.

M’s suggestions should work as follows. They will reportedly pop in an open conversation and offer relevant content ideas and proposals. Through them, it should also “enrich the way people communicate” or the way in which they get things done. M could also be quite useful as it may help reveal Messenger features that the user may not have known.

M Was Developed So As To Grow And Develop Based On Its Use

Initially, M’s suggestions will follow a standard set of actions. Then, these will expand and mule around the users’ preferences and conversation content. As such, M will start by offering sticker suggestions for daily interactions for example “Bye” or “Thank you!”.

The digital assistant will also propose sharing your location during the conversation or even getting a Ride. In group conversations, it will also offer the chance to start a poll. M should also be able to recognize payment discussions and offer a ‘pay/request’ money option.

For the moment, M is only available in the United States. However, Messenger is planning on rolling out the feature globally, “eventually”. It will be available on both iOS and Android.

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