MacBook Pro 2016 Comes With Great Updates

Macbook Pro 2016

Macbook Pro 2016 comes with impressive high-quality specifications.

The new MacBook Pro 2016 will be released on October 27 at the next Apple event, and there is certainly much to like about this new device.

The entire MacBook lineup has made quite an impression until now, and that is why this next generation product is expected to be a hit on the international market.

Although Apple’s officials didn’t say what products will be revealed during the upcoming event, rumor has it that MacBook Pro 2016 will be the main attraction.

MacBook Pro Specifications

Compared with the previous models, the MacBook Pro 2016 comes with an OLED display panel, placed on the upper part of the keyboard.

In other words, Apple engineers won’t expand the keyboard as some customers expected, but they will introduce the OLED panel. Another surprising fact is that this device will most likely have an unusual empty space instead of the common function row keys.

The MacBook Pro 2016 will probably be released in three versions including a 15-inch model, a 13-inch standard version, and another updated 13-inch model. This product is expected to be the lightest and thinnest laptop ever designed.

Also, it will provide users with access to various quick actions and popular commands based on apps. Analysts claim that the Pro 2016 won’t retain multiple ports on its hardware as it will come with a fast-charging USB-C port for connectivity and battery power.

According to Apple designer Martin Hajek, who provided a few graphic images and examples, users will be able to customize shortcuts for various apps as well. In addition to these features, the OLED display shortcuts will be included on a Dynamic Function Row.

Additional Features

More tweaks are expected at the upcoming event on October 27. Other features include a Touch ID keyboard integration, meaning that users who download the Mac OS Sierra will be able to use the Apple Pay function on the browser.

Although it will be slimmer, this device will feature a wider trackpad, while the keyboard will function on the butterfly mechanism developed by Apple, which was first introduced in the previous 12-inch MacBook.

The keys are also expected to have a more generous surface area compared with other models, meaning that MacBook Pro 2016 will most likely be one of the most original devices developed this year by the company.

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