Mafia III Developers Looking Forward To Fixing Glitches

Mafia III

Mafia III succeeds in creating a great story, but is filled with hilarious glitches.

It’s already been more than two weeks since Mafia III was released worldwide. Developed by 2K Games and Hangar 13, the game is the third entry in a critically acclaimed series. Expectations were obviously high. It’s only natural that critics and gamers alike have been filling the internet with reviews and opinions. Some were positive, others, less so…

As with the first two entries of the series, Mafia III was especially praised for its storyline. Departing from the Godfather and Goodfellas inspired stories and characters, Mafia III brings forth the black mob universe of New Orleans (dubbed New Bordeaux in the game).

The Story So Far

The action takes place in 1968 and centers Lincoln Clay, a biracial orphan adopted by the mob, who had just returned from the Vietnam War. Naturally, the protagonist hasn’t returned home to join the flower-power movement but to get some guns and wreck some chaos among rival gangs.

While the game looks as great as any released in 2016, critics and gamers were quick to notice a lot of glitches that are said to ruin the realism that Mafia III boasts. And it’s not just about the occasional enemy floating in the air after being killed (which does happen a lot).

Mafia III Meets Twilight Zone

Some of them are hilarious, such as a boat continuing to spin in the air after being hit. Another time you can see the hero continuing to move like he’s swimming, even after leaving the water environment. And speaking of water, you shouldn’t always trust bridges, as players are known to just fall through them while driving.

Other glitches are just outright creepy, like enemy bodies piling on top of one another in a grotesque fashion. Hangar 13 has promised to fix these glitches in an upcoming update that should also offer more customization for the lead character, and for the plethora of vintage cars that he uses throughout the game.

Surely, the patches will be appreciated, but critics were quick to note that Mafia III should have probably spent more time in development. Some gameplay aspects were deemed generic and repetitive.

The game’s map is larger than Mafia I’s and II’s combined but is said to offer an empty open-world environment, with not much to do outside the main storyline. This does not bode well for Mafia III’s replay value.

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