BuzzFeed to Go Public in 2018 as a Media Tech Company

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BuzzFeed is the voice of the new generation and it might go public in 2018 as a media tech company.

BuzzFeed has been around the block for ten years now. Not only that, but the company managed to introduced a new type of media format that suits the needs of modern society best. The centerpiece of its agenda is creating and promoting viral content. This term denominates a part of viral marketing that is powerful enough to create a phenomenon where many readers are promoting and sharing the post through their social media profiles because they loved it so much. According to several reports, the company is preparing itself for a 2018 IPO as a media tech company.

The Received Funds from NBCUniversal Might Make the 2018 IPO Plans Come True

According to several reports published in the media, BuzzFeeds has big plans for the year to come. The company is already getting ready to file for an initial public offering. This means that everybody will be able to acquire stocks in one of the most resounding media companies of the modern society.

Moreover, this move signals the company’s endeavor to create a source of capital for an explosive business expansion. BuzzFeed managed to build a large community of professionals over the years. The online website makes it a usual thing to publish content on a daily basis. Moreover, each piece has the potential to become viral content. This gigantesque work is possible thanks to its own community of reporters, cartoon artists, contributors, and also amateurs.

The move that propelled the company towards this decision in an instant was a huge November event. This was when NBCUniversal decided to invest in BuzzFeed a total of $200 million. The goal of these large funds was to accelerate the growth of the company. The two organizations also have a partnership regarding the advertising domain. Thus, as long as BuzzFeed is successful, so is NBCUniversal going to be.

The First Official Media Tech Company Will Open the Door to other Similar Platforms

The CEO of BuzzFeed, Jonah Peretti, stated that he received many buying offers from media companies over the years. However, he has no intention to give up on its huge project. This is why he left the selling idea for the intention of filing for an IPO in the first half of 2018.

If these plans succeed, the company will open an opportunity door for all modern online media platforms that transcended the traditional format of newsfeeds and obtained a hybrid between a media and a tech company. The CEO of Buzzfeed has also mentioned that the platform will obtain the title of a media tech company once it goes public.

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