Menopause Might Affect Your Memory

Drawing of a woman in the stages before menopause

Women can have memory problems after menopause.

According to the statistics, women might have a better memory than men, especially after reaching the middle age. More precisely, scientists concluded that women are capable of remembering things longer and better than men.

However, this can change after menopause, based on the latest findings. Researchers discovered that during menopause, estrogen levels drop, causing brain fog among women. Also, brain fog is a common issue among men as well because it affects roughly 75 percent of seniors.

Women Have a Better Memory

The scientists underline that although many women report that they forget things during menopause, they still perform better than men on all tests. According to Dr. JoAnn Pinkerton, director of the North American Menopause Society (NAMS), brain fog is a serious matter.

She further adds that many women complain of brain fog. The latest study was conducted by a team of experts from the Harvard Medical School. According to Jill Goldstein, the lead researcher and psychiatry professor, she and her team analyzed 212 people between 45 and 55 years to establish the rates of memory loss among them.

During the study, the participants took thinking tests to provide the team with reliable data regarding several brain functions such as verbal intelligence, word processing, executive function, and memory.

The Study Findings

At the end of the study, the researchers discovered that women before menopause had a better memory than those who went through menopause. Also, the estrogen levels in the menopause group were lower, and they were linked to lower rates of recalling memories and learning new things.

However, the team noted that the women who went through menopause had their memory consolidation and storage intact. The scientists published the study statistics and findings in the medical journal ‘Menopause’ on November 9.

It is not known yet if there is a connection between brain fog after menopause and Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists will continue their investigation to figure out a way to help women tackle memory loss.

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive brain condition which cannot be cured. It attacks the brain and causes a wide variety of symptoms, memory loss included. However, women may rest assured as menopause is a natural process and it can hardly be associated with the development of a brain disorder.

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